Rev Father Oluoma Reveals Why People Should Give Up Sometimes

Date: 05-12-2023 5:14 am (2 months ago) | Author: kacy lee
- at 5-12-2023 05:14 AM (2 months ago)

Reverend Father Oluoma expressed his thoughts on the old adage, “don’t give up.” He says that it is sometimes best to give up, as holding on to this belief might lead to a life of unhappiness. He feels that the credo of never giving up is frequently overstated and could hinder change. He contends that giving up can be just as useful, if not more so, than perseverance. According to him, there are times when giving up is the best option. He says that the determination to never give up might be restrictive. He observes that learning to give up can occasionally result in things falling into place.

He cites an example regarding the pursuit of happiness. Many people claim they are doing everything possible to be happy. However, he suggests that it might be better to stop striving for happiness. In the quest for happiness, people often fall prey to harmful behaviors like excessive indulgence in sex, alcohol, cars, social media, following trends, or accumulating wealth. He explains that these pursuits do not lead to genuine happiness.


No, please give up. ‘Dont give up’ has kept some people in perpetual misery. “Don’t give up” is sometimes overated and over indulged, it should never be an absolute dictum, it never was, it isn’t and never will be.

So, “give up” can be as good and sometimes better than

“don’t give up”. There are times and things we are the better off giving up.

Give up trying to lose weight. Yes, give it up. Stick to doing the healthy things that lead to weight loss, things like right dieting and exercise. These are the things you shouldn’t give up. Those who want to lose weight by all means usuall cut corners and fall for all fads and products that leave them disillusioned. Give up losing weight, don’t give up healthy exercise and diet.

Give up chasing miracles. Give it up. Don’t give up believing and praying for miracles, which are way different from CHASING miracles. Those who chase miracles visit every crusade ground near and far, follow every prophet, switch church and ministries like unstable elements and are willing victims of brain damage and brainwash.

Those who believe and pray for miracles do them in the comfort of their homes and churches and have a better life.

Give up trying to be happy. Yes, those who want to be happy fall for the deceptive instincts to binge on one thing or the other like sex, alcohol, cars, social media trends, wealth acquisition etc to get happiness. None of these things produces happiness.”

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