Portable Warns Nollywood Actress Laide Bakare Over His Feud With Babymama Ashabi

Date: 02-02-2024 5:47 am (2 months ago) | Author: Olusanya Akinrinola
- at 2-02-2024 05:47 AM (2 months ago)

Nigerian artiste, Portable, has expressed his frustration towards his former partner and babymama, Ashabi, and also warns actress Laide Bakare for advocating cheating as a revenge
He questioned the whereabouts of the actress when his current wife, Bewaji, stood by him during challenging times, emphasizing that Ashabi’s relevance is primarily tied to his association with her.

The controversial singer stated that he played a significant role in reviving her stagnant career and warned her against speaking out against him, revealing his financial support and paternal role in her life.

He said: “If they remove my name from your name, you are nothing but a skit maker, I raised your d£ad career…You are [email protected] were you when my wife Bewaji stood by me when I had nothing…When I talk you don’t talk, I’m the one feeding and taking care of you, I’m your second daddy, why can’t you respect your husband like your daddy”.
In a live video, he criticized Laide Bakare for advocating retaliation in marriage if a spouse cheats, issuing a stern warning for her to steer clear of Ashabi, citing concerns about her negative influence on his ex-partner.

He cautioned against individuals like Bakare, whom he accused of promoting destructive behaviour that could jeopardize marital relationships, particularly urging her not to influence Ashabi negatively through their interactions.
He said: “For Aunty, whose identity I will keep under wrap went to do an interview saying if your husband cheats, you shouldn’t leave him but go outside and cheat. Is that good advice, you this Aunty that is acting film? I mustn’t see you with my wife acting film cause people like you will be giving her wrong advice and pushing her to do wrong things”.

Posted: at 2-02-2024 05:47 AM (2 months ago) | Hero
- Panaki at 2-02-2024 01:51 PM (2 months ago)
Are you of stable mind Portable?
I thought you said Ashabi is not your wife but a glorified side chick with a child.
Now you're warning Laide Bakare to stay away from your wife who is doing movie.
Too much of Colorado, Tramadol and Loud doesn't do you any favour.
Posted: at 2-02-2024 01:51 PM (2 months ago) | Upcoming
- gogoman at 2-02-2024 03:52 PM (2 months ago)
Baboon of Africa is digging he os downfall!! WOMBMEN WOMEN are men with womb!! they are evil  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Posted: at 2-02-2024 03:52 PM (2 months ago) | Grande Master