Nursing Student Reportedly Commits Suicide Over School’s Failed Accreditation In Ogun

Date: 21-02-2024 11:43 am (2 months ago) | Author: onuigbo felicia
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A student in her third year of studies at a private college in a region of Nigeria, known as Ayoka, has tragically taken her own life, according to reports. This unfortunate event unfolded following concerns regarding the college's compliance with accreditation standards set by a professional council.

Reports from local sources indicate that Ayoka, a student in the Basic Health Sciences program, ingested a toxic substance on Monday evening and collapsed while en route to her partner's residence.

Allegedly, Ayoka's decision to end her life stemmed from the college's inability to obtain accreditation for its nursing courses, causing immense distress to the aspiring medical professional.

Recent investigations shed light on the college's ambiguous academic status and its questionable admission practices. Despite claiming accreditation from a national educational body, the college reportedly enrolled students in programs such as Law and Nursing, domains typically associated with different types of educational institutions.

This revelation has left students perplexed, unable to discern whether they are attending a polytechnic, a university, or a hybrid of both.

In light of these circumstances, many students find themselves grappling with uncertainty and anxiety about the legitimacy of the courses offered.

According to insider information, Ayoka's mental health had deteriorated over the course of several months due to the uncertified status of her nursing program. Her distress intensified upon discovering her pregnancy, exacerbating her sense of hopelessness.

Tragically, Ayoka's final moments were spent purchasing insecticide from a local pharmacy, ostensibly to address a mosquito issue. She proceeded to consume the lethal substance, resulting in her untimely demise.

A representative from the State Ministry of Health, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed Ayoka's prolonged struggle with depression, which predated her pregnancy.

In response to these developments, a government task force, accompanied by members of the State Nursing and Midwifery Committee, took action to seal off the unaccredited nursing department of the college.

The Ministry of Health emphasized the gravity of obtaining a nursing degree from uncertified institutions, asserting that such credentials hold no value in the professional realm.

Meanwhile, the college's administration, led by Dr. Ismail Oyetunji, asserted that Ayoka's tragic end occurred beyond the institution's jurisdiction. The provost clarified that Ayoka's parents had recently retrieved her belongings from the college upon learning of her pregnancy.

Despite speculation linking Ayoka's suicide to the accreditation issue, the college maintains that her decision was solely influenced by her pregnancy.

Law enforcement authorities, when approached for comment, stated they were not briefed on the incident.

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