South African Woman Who Accused Nigerian Man Of R@pe Confesses It Was A Lie (Video)

Date: 29-02-2024 7:03 am (1 month ago) | Author: kacy lee
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Happy Simelane, a South African woman, has recently revealed on a podcast that she had falsely accused a man of r*pe years ago.

She explained that she was 19 and the man was  3 years older than her when he got her pregnant.

She admitted that they were dating and the s*x was consensual but because South Africans consider it a taboo for their women to date Nigerian men, she couldn't tell the truth when her family falsely accused him of r*ping her.

Happy said the man, who was still new in the country and had not spent up to a year in South Africa, was arrested and detained for “seven to eight months”.

She said his mother had to sell her business to pay lawyers to defend her son.

Eventually, the woman said she told her family that the man in jail was her boyfriend and he was responsible for her pregnancy.

After she gave birth, a DNA test was done and when it was discovered that the man is the biological father of his accuser's child, he was freed.

The r*pe accuser said her child's biological father left South Africa after that and went to Europe because he was “traumatised”.

On her part, Happy moved on and married but she told her husband that her child's father was dead. She also told her dauughter the same story.

Years later, she said the Nigerian man began reaching out to her in 2020, sending her “Happy New Year” and “happy birthday” messages and she ignored him because she wanted to leave her past buried.

Her husband recently died in a car accident while with his side chick. The side chick survived.

Happy said the Nigerian man reached out three months later to sympathise with her and told her they needed to talk but he would give her time to grieve.

She said she eventually responded to his chat following her husband's death.

Happy added she respects him for respecting that she is grieving and for respecting her marriage when her husband was alive.

During the interview, she also admitted that she was the one who “broke” the Nigerian man's “virginity” yet she claimed he r*ped her. When she said this, the other ladies on set cheered and clapped for her.

“So, his only crime was being born from another country?” the male host asked.

“Yeah,” the lady responded.

She also added that the Nigerian man had proposed to her before leaving for Europe when she was 19 but she couldn't accept him at the time.

Happy, who is now a mother-of-three, is reportedly now engaged to the Nigerian man, said to be from the South East. A video shared online shows his family receiving her warmly when she visited Owerri, Nigeria.

Happy Simelane has since taken to her instagram to address backlash, saying her man came from a respectable home and he wasn’t back to her life to scam her. She added that his family has forgiven her.

Watch her confess in the video

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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Weyrey... Gogoman will treat your phyuk up.
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Hay ya!
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You are a vile woman with no conscience. At 19, you know right from wrong and should be able to tell the truth. You never loved that man, and even now, you still dont love him. You are with him because of greed, because of what you get from him. Even your useless family takes things that he buys for you and money that he gives to you but bites the finger that feeds them. They will be unfortunate in this life, especially the one that coached you.

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