Two Suspected Kidnappers Repent, Surrender To Hunters In Taraba

Date: 29-02-2024 9:16 am (1 month ago) | Author: onuigbo felicia
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The repentance and surrender of the two kidnappers, Gayya Alhaji Abdu and Siyyo Alhaji Amadu, to the leaders of hunters in Taraba State marks a significant development in the ongoing fight against banditry and kidnapping in the region.

Gayya, who confessed to his involvement in two kidnapping operations, shared that he was driven to join a gang of kidnappers out of fear for his life after finding himself on the wanted lists of suspected kidnappers. Seeking refuge with a friend already involved in criminal activities, Gayya ended up participating in kidnapping operations under the control of a kingpin named Bashe.

However, Gayya expressed remorse for his actions, particularly after witnessing the suffering of victims and fearing the consequences of his criminal activities. This led him to voluntarily surrender himself to the hunters' association and express his desire to renounce crime and join the fight against bandits and kidnappers.

Similarly, Siyyo Alhaji Amadu admitted to his involvement in kidnapping but decided to turn away from crime and seek redemption. He acknowledged the inherent wickedness in abducting fellow human beings and extorting ransom from them, prompting his decision to repent and renounce his criminal past.

The leader of the hunters, Babangida Kwamando, affirmed the association's stance of accepting repentant bandits and kidnappers who surrender themselves. He emphasized the importance of encouraging such individuals to abandon their life of crime and integrate them into society through solemn oaths and commitments to uphold the principles of righteousness.

Overall, the repentance of Gayya and Siyyo, along with their willingness to join the fight against banditry and kidnapping, highlights the potential for rehabilitation and redemption even among those involved in criminal activities. It underscores the importance of offering opportunities for individuals to reform and contribute positively to society while upholding justice and security for all.

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 Huh? Huh? Huh?

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Kill them, no place for the wicked.
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Northrop boyz,nothing like surrender in this case kill them all,schwein
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Nagode allah
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