"How Kidnappers Used My 12-year-old Son To Steal Two Bags Of Rice" - Pastor, Joshua Ogbonna

Date: 03-03-2024 8:57 pm (1 month ago) | Author: Mister Jay Wonder
- at 3-03-2024 08:57 PM (1 month ago)

The distressing ordeal of a 12-year-old Junior Secondary School (JSS-2) student, allegedly coerced into aiding thieves in stealing two bags of rice, has gripped Lagos, with the boy's father, Pastor Joshua Ogbonna, sharing his harrowing account.

According to Ogbonna, his son vanished after being dispatched to purchase breakfast on Friday morning, triggering a frantic search. The trail led to a chilling revelation: the boy had been unwittingly ensnared in a theft scheme orchestrated by suspected kidnappers.

Narrating the ordeal, Ogbonna recounted how his son was lured by a stranger, ostensibly seeking assistance with a simple task. However, the encounter spiraled into a nightmare as the boy was reportedly subjected to manipulation and coercion, ultimately becoming a pawn in the criminals' plot.

"The trauma inflicted upon my son is unimaginable. He recounted being led astray by a stranger, subjected to inexplicable rituals, and transported to various locations against his will," expressed a distraught Ogbonna.

The ordeal took a surreal turn when the boy was recovered by police officers, only to be embroiled in accusations of theft. Ogbonna, perplexed by the allegations leveled against his son, confronted authorities, demanding clarity and justice.

"The police informed me of accusations implicating my son in a theft scheme involving two bags of rice. I was stunned. How could a child be coerced into such criminal activity?" questioned Ogbonna.

Despite his fervent protests, Ogbonna found himself navigating a labyrinth of bureaucracy as authorities insisted on financial compensation for the purported theft and subsequent release of his son.

"I was compelled to pay a hefty sum for the rice allegedly stolen by my son, followed by additional demands for his release. It was a Kafkaesque ordeal, marred by injustice and extortion," lamented Ogbonna.

While the Lagos Police Command's spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin, acknowledged the incident and assured ongoing investigations, Ogbonna implored vigilance among traders and urged the community to remain vigilant against exploitation and fraud.

As the investigation unfolds, Ogbonna remains resolute in seeking accountability and safeguarding the welfare of his son, whose innocence was callously exploited in a web of deceit and criminality.

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thank God that you got him back. give him a much needed love and counselling.
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