NCoS Vows To Ensure Safety Of Bobrisky From segxwal Predators In Male Prison During Term

Date: 13-04-2024 10:25 am (1 month ago) | Author: Mister Jay Wonder
- at 13-04-2024 10:25 AM (1 month ago)

The Nigerian Correctional Services (NCoS) has pledged to safeguard the well-being of popular crossdresser, Idris Okuneye, widely known as Bobrisky, throughout his six-month incarceration in prison.

Bobrisky's sentencing to six months in the male section of the Ikoyi Correctional Centre, without the option of a fine, has stirred conversations nationwide. The ruling, delivered by Justice Abimbola Awogboro, came after Bobrisky affirmed his identity as a man during court proceedings on Friday.

The offense leading to Bobrisky's imprisonment, as outlined by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), involved the defacement of Naira notes, an act deemed detrimental to the nation's reputation.

Despite concerns over Bobrisky's safety given his transgender identity, the NCoS has assured the public that he will be placed in accordance with established protocols, namely, within the male section of the correctional facility.

A spokesperson for the correctional service in Lagos affirmed, "Since he admitted to being a male in court, then we have to abide by what was submitted in court."

Addressing apprehensions about potential threats to Bobrisky's safety, prison officials emphasized their commitment to ensuring his protection from harm, particularly from any risks of segxwal assault.

"He shouldn't be afraid of segxwal assault from other male inmates because our men can provide him with protection," the spokesperson reassured, highlighting measures in place to mitigate any vulnerabilities Bobrisky may face during his time in prison.

As Bobrisky begins his sentence, the NCoS's commitment to upholding his safety underscores broader efforts to maintain security and uphold the rights of all inmates within the correctional system.

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