Meet Uzoma Odimara, aka ‘Area Scatter’ Nigeria’s First Publicly-Known Crossdresser

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When we think of cross-dressing in Nigeria, names like Bobrisky, James Brown and Denrele Edun immediately emerge.

Yet, what many, especially, the younger generation, don’t realise is that cross-dressing has quite a history in Nigeria, which is often overlooked.

Before the rise of today’s cross-dressing ‘icons’, Nigeria had its pioneer back in the 1970s: Uzoma Odimara, better known as Area Scatter.

But what would crossdressing in the 1970s look like?

Here is what Odimara, the first Nigerian crossdresser in the 1970s, looked like.

Odimara, or as he was fondly known, Area Scatter, commanded attention.

He adorned himself in exquisite attire of a women’s blouse and matching wrappers with a pair of beautiful moderate heels; despite his looks that blurred the lines between masculinity and femininity, he was a sight to behold.

For Area Scatter, Crossdressing was more than just a change of wardrobe; it was a performance art.

But it wasn’t just his appearance that set him apart; it was his attitude; his gestures were also a wonder to many, who for the first time, would experience what we now know as crossdressing, In a time when the concept of cross-dressing was still developing in Nigeria.

But beyond his appearance and gestures, he was also an entertainer to the core; He would play his ornamental thumb piano, singing in a rich, smooth voice, and entertaining his audiences with unique dance moves.

Soon, Area Scatter gained fame among the people and the royals, as he performed from markets to palaces at his time.

Indeed, it wasn’t just his music that enraptured audiences; it was his entire persona. Social media recent clips of Area Scatter performing for local rulers and intrigued crowds have further spurred more interest in his unique personality.

Born in Imo State, little is known about Area Scatter’s early life. He was reportedly a civil servant who vanished during the Nigerian Civil War, only to reemerge with a new identity.

Many believed he spent seven months and seven days away from public sight only to be reinvented as a beautifully adorned woman.

Scatter’s rise to fame in the late 1970s stemmed from his unconventional approach to entertainment.

He flaunted a striking style, braiding his hair, donning makeup, and strutting in heels, all while captivating audiences with his melodious voice and charismatic presence.

His performances as a cross-dresser, actor, comedian, and musician aimed to challenge societal norms and promote tolerance for gender diversity.

Renowned throughout Imo State and the South-east and gaining international attention, Area Scatter’s thumb piano performances were legendary, adorned with distinctive skulls and crossbones.

During his lifetime, he frequented NTV (now known as the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA) channel 6’s Ukonu’s Club, and he was the leader of the ‘Ugwu Anya Egbulam’ musical group. One of his famous catchphrases was: “If I’d lied to you, may I bathe without clothing”

Tragically, Area Scatter’s life was cut short by a ghastly motor accident. Still, his legacy as a pioneering cross-dressing performer resonates with the likes of contemporary cross-dressers in Nigeria.

It has been over five decades since his death. However, crossdressing has become a trend in Nigeria, with personalities like Denrele continuing to challenge gender norms with their distinctive styles.

In contrast, others like Bobrisky, James Brown, and Jay Boogie have pushed boundaries further, embracing feminine appearances amidst controversy.

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