Nigeria Correctional Service Refutes Claims That Bobrisky Was Moved From Ikoyi Prison To Kiriki

Date: 19-04-2024 9:29 am (1 month ago) | Author: onuigbo felicia
- at 19-04-2024 09:29 AM (1 month ago)

It's important to clarify misconceptions and provide accurate information regarding the status of individuals under legal custody. The Nigeria Correctional Service's refutation of claims regarding Bobrisky's transfer from the Ikoyi custodial centre to Kirikiri in Lagos State helps to address any confusion surrounding his situation.

The statement from the NCoS official highlights that Bobrisky remains in the Ikoyi prison and emphasizes that his offence does not warrant placement in a maximum-security facility like Kirikiri, where inmates serving life and death sentences are typically held.

Furthermore, the mention of plans for potential inmate transfers across custodial centres in Lagos State for the purpose of decongestion underscores the ongoing efforts to manage prison populations effectively and ensure humane conditions for detainees.

As with any legal matter, clarity and adherence to due process are essential, and it's reassuring to see the correctional service providing clarity on Bobrisky's status and the broader context of prison management in the region.

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