Tiktoker, Aliyu Musa Arrested For Abusing Adamawa Stakeholders On Social Media

Date: 14-05-2024 10:10 am (4 weeks ago) | Author: kacy lee
- at 14-05-2024 10:10 AM (4 weeks ago)

The arrest of Aliyu Musa, also known as Imam Mahdi, a 33-year-old resident of Kwacham Ward, Mubi South Local Government area in Adamawa State, has brought attention to the issue of social media conduct and its legal implications in Nigeria. Musa was detained by the Adamawa State Police Command for allegedly using abusive language against state stakeholders on TikTok, accusing them of injustice without providing any evidence to support his claims. The police view this as an act that could potentially tarnish the reputation of public officials and disrupt public order.

The spokesperson for the Adamawa State Police Command, Suleiman Yahaya Nguroje, released a statement highlighting the seriousness of the incident. According to Nguroje, the police discovered a video circulating on social media where Musa, under the TikTok handle @faty5076, made derogatory remarks about certain prominent individuals in Adamawa State. The authorities condemned Musa's actions, stressing that his unfounded accusations could incite public unrest and undermine the integrity of those in public office.

The police emphasized the importance of responsible social media use, warning that similar actions would be met with strict legal consequences to prevent the breakdown of law and order. They underscored the necessity of proactive measures to educate social media users about the potential legal ramifications of their online posts, urging the public to be mindful of their expressions to maintain societal peace.

This incident serves as a reminder of the power and responsibility that comes with social media platforms, and the legal boundaries that govern their use in Nigeria. The Adamawa State Police Command's firm stance on this issue reflects their commitment to preserving order and protecting the reputations of public officials from baseless allegations.

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