Pro-Yahaya Bello Groups Stage Protest In London, Urge Tinubu To Ensure Rule Of Law

Date: 21-05-2024 8:14 am (3 weeks ago) | Author: onuigbo felicia
- at 21-05-2024 08:14 AM (3 weeks ago)

Kogi indigenes and concerned Nigerians gathered under the banner of the “Alliance For Emancipation and True Change” to stage a peaceful protest in the United Kingdom, calling on President Bola Tinubu to intervene and ensure the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) remains impartial and free from political interference.

They raised concerns that the Commission, with the handling of the corruption allegations against the former Governor of Kogi State, had given the impression of political persecution to Nigerians and the international community.

During the protest, held in London on May 20, 2024, the demonstrators stressed the importance of a fair and just prosecution process, in line with the rule of law, and condemned the alleged use of the EFCC by politicians to intimidate and harass perceived opponents.

They cautioned against the politicization of the EFCC’s activities and called for a review of its operating procedures to ensure transparency and accountability.

Speaking during the procession, Dr Shaibu Ojogbane, Publicity Secretary of the Alliance For Emancipation and True Change, and Chukwunonso Ezeani, Director of Research & Public Affairs, reiterated the alliance’s support for the government’s anti-corruption efforts but called for greater oversight to prevent selective justice and abuse of human rights.

The group said, “The protest against the former Governor today, apparently sponsored by the Opposition in the state, indicates desperation on their part. We are aware that at least one of the opposition candidates is currently in London.

”Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello has restated his readiness to answer questions regarding his period of leadership in Kogi state; all he asks for is that the rule of law be adhered to, as it is glaring that in this particular case, the commission is serving the interest of some powerful Nigerians beyond the eye meets.

”With this in mind, we state without any fear of contradiction that the commission must be called to order without delay.

”We trust that Mr President will act swiftly so this situation doesn’t degenerate into a massive calling out of the government on matters related to selective justice, abuse of human rights and other issues associated therein.”

They urged the president to intervene promptly to prevent further damage to the government’s reputation and ensure the EFCC operates with integrity and impartiality.

According to them, the Opposition has also continued to ride on the activities of the EFCC to malign Governor Bello by sponsoring ethnic onslaught against him even outside the country.

The protesters said they deemed it important to stage a peaceful protest on the side of justice so that Nigerians were not misled by a few people.

Posted: at 21-05-2024 08:14 AM (3 weeks ago) | Addicted Hero
- gogoman at 21-05-2024 10:36 AM (3 weeks ago)
if I had known about this in advance I would have gone with 48 eggs to plaster on these illegal bastards  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Posted: at 21-05-2024 10:36 AM (3 weeks ago) | Grande Master
- fineboy77 at 21-05-2024 10:55 AM (3 weeks ago)
This man is stupid o, instead of submitting himself and returning the loot, he is busy spending from the loot to evade justice. Eventually, justice will come and by then, the money will no longer be complete.

Posted: at 21-05-2024 10:55 AM (3 weeks ago) | Addicted Hero
- Kormeijama at 21-05-2024 11:10 AM (3 weeks ago)
Whilst i'm against  the general breakdown of the Rule of law in Nigeria, yet Bello was a thief and nothing but a thief who opted to live in absolute splendor at the cost of the  people who elected him. You see why Prof Lumumba  keeps telling us about the silliness in us  continuously  electing public thieves . My theory is that we  are all thieves hence the spoils.
Posted: at 21-05-2024 11:10 AM (3 weeks ago) | Gistmaniac
- Jiiitk4 at 21-05-2024 11:18 AM (3 weeks ago)
Online (m)
This man has taken his case to the NEXT LEVEL of his Party APC
Posted: at 21-05-2024 11:18 AM (3 weeks ago) | Gistmaniac