National Hajj Commission Announces Airlift Of 18,906 Pilgrims To Saudi Arabia

Date: 25-05-2024 8:52 pm (2 weeks ago) | Author: Mister Jay Wonder
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The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has successfully airlifted a total of 18,906 pilgrims for the 2024/1445 Holy Pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. This update was disclosed in the Commission’s Day 11 airlift report on Saturday.

According to the Commission, the airlifting of these pilgrims was executed through 45 flights. This significant logistical operation marks a crucial phase in the annual religious journey undertaken by thousands of Nigerian Muslims.

NAHCON's spokesperson elaborated on the process, emphasizing the smooth execution and coordination involved in the airlift. "We are pleased to report that 18,906 pilgrims have been safely airlifted to Saudi Arabia as of today. This milestone was achieved through a series of 45 flights, ensuring that the pilgrims arrive in time for the various rituals of Hajj," the spokesperson stated.

The successful airlift reflects the meticulous planning and cooperation between NAHCON and various stakeholders, including airlines and airport authorities. The Commission has been working tirelessly to ensure the welfare and safety of all pilgrims, from their departure in Nigeria to their arrival in Saudi Arabia.

In a conversation with PUNCH Online, the spokesperson detailed the various measures taken to facilitate the process. "We have implemented stringent checks and protocols to ensure that all pilgrims are in good health and have all necessary documentation. Our team has been on the ground to provide assistance and resolve any issues promptly."

The airlift operation covered multiple departure points across Nigeria, allowing pilgrims from different regions to embark on their spiritual journey with ease. The Commission expressed gratitude to all the collaborating agencies and officials who have contributed to the successful airlift.

Pilgrims expressed their excitement and gratitude as they prepared to embark on this significant religious journey. "This is a dream come true for me," said Aisha Abdullahi, one of the pilgrims. "The arrangements have been seamless, and I am grateful to NAHCON for making this possible."

The National Hajj Commission reassured the public that it remains committed to ensuring the well-being and safety of all Nigerian pilgrims throughout the pilgrimage. Further updates on the Hajj operations will continue to be provided as the pilgrimage progresses.

This successful airlift marks another milestone for Nigeria’s Hajj operations, underscoring the country's dedication to facilitating this important religious duty for its Muslim citizens.

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