National Broadcasting Corporation's Rules On Gospel Music

Date: 11-02-2011 5:20 pm (13 years ago) | Author: Martins Chibuikem
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do you guys know that The Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) does not Allow radio stations to play gospel music for more than 8% of their Air time per day. what this is means is that you are not allowed to listen to gospel music for more that 8% of the 24hrs of radio time, i thought they said we had freedom of worship, why the restrictions, does any body have and answer?

we have a big gospel music market, their songs flood the whole market, in fact they win lots of awards around the world. why not give then the recognition and publicity they need, more over with the kind of music some of the secular musicians are releasing these days, i wonder where the entertainment industry is headed to, NBC won't do anything on that, its to ban radio stations that play more reasonable music,
Please somebody start something, because me , I am starting a campaign against that, for God's sake these guys are good musicians, good lyricists, and they talk sense. I am not speaking only for gospel music, if any other religious group has an organized music industry, let them be allowed more air time to show case their talents.

i just sent this letter to the NBC concerning this matter Smiley

Good day Sir
Please I just want to say that today i heard from a reliable source that gospel and other religious music are not allowed more that 8% of daily air time on Radio. if that is true then Sir we are denying our self our beliefs and values. The constitution clearly states that we have freedom of worship and as such i feel that music is an essential part of that.
I am from the gospel music industry and i know that the gospel music industry is such an organised one that its input is felt all over the world. We have had some of our artists win international awards and we have the biggest gospel music concert in Africa right here in Lagos, its called The Experience and it happens every november/december. Apart from that, the federal government can not say that the gospel music has not contributed to the growth of our economy. Sir please do you know how many Nigerians that are gainfully employed in the gospel music industry, we are talking about artists, engineers, musical instrumentalists, studio programmers, equipment engineers etc. I have been in this industry for 13 years so i know what am talking about. From the east to the west, north to the south, the gospel music is felt allover the nation and it preaches peace and unity unlike the kind of music the secular industry is releasing these days filled  unclothed/half unclothed dancing ladies, violent and segxwal lyrics, provocative videos, incoherent lyrics at times the lyrics are meaningless, I can go on and on. I am in the industry and i have had a taste of both sides.
Please the gospel music industry need more are time, so that quality radio programmes will be air that will edify our people and bring about peace and unity. You know that music is a powerful tool in ensuring peace and harmony and people-reorientation.with more air time, more gospel/religious artist will be opportuned to express themselves and be heard, that keep them off the streets and make them gainfully employed. Every body can't do secular music, we all have different destinies.
thank you sir for reading this mail, i believe that with your good office you can give these youths a hope to make a better living.
I am Martins Chibuikem

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