VIDEO: “My Wife Can Cheat But She Shouldn’t Leave My House” – Actor, Sola ‘Gaji’ Olaibi

Date: 29-05-2024 3:04 pm (2 weeks ago) | Author: onuigbo felicia
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Nollywood actor, Sola ‘Gaji’ Olaibi has opened up about his failed marriage.

In an interview with his colleague, Biola Bayo, on her podcast “Talk to B,” Gaji revealed that his wife got tired of him and decided to leave.

He disclosed that his wife changed suddenly and told him she no longer wanted to be with him, and he accepted her decision.

The actor noted that he’s the kind of man who would let his partner date other men, as long as she didn’t leave his house.

He described himself as a romantic who would go to great lengths for his partner, even traveling across states to get something she wanted, and calling her 97 times in a day.

Gaji pointed out that no one is perfect and that in a relationship, you have to manage each other’s flaws.

He said that people often didn’t believe his wife, Mummy Eniola, was actually his wife because they thought she was his younger sister.

The actor reflected on how stubborn he can be and how sometimes he only realizes it when he hurts someone.

Gaji reiterated that even if his wife wanted to date someone else, he wouldn’t stop her from cheating on him, but he preferred she didn’t leave his house.

He said,
“Me and Mummy Eniola in all the apartment we have been staying they never believed she is my wife, they thought she is my lil sis.

If the person who is my partner deny me access to her I think about it.

You can never know I am stubborn until I hurt someone. Someone who is in Abeokuta and me staying in Lagos, you can see that love is blind.

You know if my wife send me to go get her Amala at Amala sky in Ibadan, do you know I will go? Olaiya was one of the people who gave me courage to approach. I later regret it.

My wife got changed and all of a sudden she told me she no longer wants to be in a relationship with me anymore.

Even if you have someone you’re dating outside, I am not stopping you from marrying the person. But don’t leave my house. Let people see me and you as husband and wīfe.

Men are not good while also women, but we are just trying ourselves. If I am dating you I can call you for like 97times”

Watch the video below:


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