How Having a Presentation Laser Pointer Landed me in Switzerland Jail - Nigerian Man Recounts

Date: 30-05-2024 10:20 am (2 weeks ago) | Author: kacy lee
- at 30-05-2024 10:20 AM (2 weeks ago)

A Nigerian man recently shared his unexpected and harrowing experience in Switzerland, which began when he entered the country with a seemingly harmless item: a presentation laser pointer.

Upon arriving in Switzerland for a business presentation, the man, whose identity remains confidential, carried with him a standard laser pointer—a tool commonly used by professionals during presentations to highlight information on slides. Unbeknownst to him, this everyday device would soon become the center of an unfortunate misunderstanding.

At the Swiss border control, routine security checks led to the discovery of the laser pointer in his luggage. The Swiss authorities, adhering strictly to their regulations, deemed the laser pointer a potential security threat. In Switzerland, laser pointers, particularly those of higher power, can be considered dangerous devices due to the risk they pose to public safety, especially if used irresponsibly or maliciously.

The man was detained by Swiss authorities who were concerned about the potential misuse of the laser pointer. Despite his attempts to explain that the device was intended solely for professional use in his presentation, the authorities proceeded with caution, following their standard protocol.

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poor son!! they just disvirgin him with racism abroad!! he must be traumatized!! well na so we dey see am for abroad and if person struggles come send money home.. some idiot for that Naija go think say e easy  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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