"Yahaya Bello is Being Protected By The System" - EFCC Director, Effa Okim Reveals

Date: 13-06-2024 9:44 am (1 month ago) | Author: onuigbo felicia
- at 13-06-2024 09:44 AM (1 month ago)

The Regional Director of the EFCC in Benin, Effa Okim, mentioned that the agency has been unable to arrest former Kogi State governor, Yahaya Bello, due to the protection he is receiving from the ‘system’.

He said:
“This is the last question I expected because the shame is on all of us. Is that a question I should answer alone? It’s not me, it is the Federal Republic of Nigeria,”

“That politically-exposed Yahaya Bello, whose crime has been traced to him by allegation and has been invited by EFCC to come and explain, and for months he is acting drama and we are all here wanting to ask questions! The shame is our own shame!

“Can’t we catch him? We can, but do we go all out to catch him? Do we need to do that when he has his masters? Can’t they call him and tell him, ‘You are disgracing Nigeria’? What are you telling the world? Tell him to go and explain himself like others have done.

“Where are the ministers? Where are Yahaya Bello’s colleagues, even in his hiding? So, Nigerians can’t tell him ‘This is not fair, go and report; they are not going to kill you’? But people are still eating and dining with him.”

“Where has morality gone before legality that we can’t summon that man and tell him to go and report himself to the EFCC? Some persons are writing, supporting him, while some are criticizing the commission.

“The problem is our own problem that borders on Nigeria’s image. Our children are watching their parents behave like children.

“The media should come out for the first time to harmonise, criticise that action and forget about prosecution but tell him to make himself available; thereafter we know what to do.”

“To me, the truth has vanished. Even in Animal Farm, this will not happen, that a man who was part of the system that was a custodian of our culture, rules and laws can behave like this and you are asking questions.”

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- gogoman at 13-06-2024 09:57 AM (1 month ago)
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fck off!!! if u don't arrest and prosecute him don't come here talking garbage online!! if u can arrest a yahoo boy without visible complainants,  and they are stealing from abroad so why can't u arrest someone who stole Nigeria money? What is going on  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Posted: at 13-06-2024 09:57 AM (1 month ago) | Grande Master
- KDoinspire at 13-06-2024 10:14 AM (1 month ago)
Thunder will strike all of you in that efcc. From the head to bottom.  Do you invite the media when you go after the yahoo boys. Did you invite the media when you went after Emefiele?  You will die miserable if you continue to say that the shame is our shame..the same is your shame because it has nothing to do with the public. This is a giver mental shame. Who is the system? Are you not part of the system. What is Tinubu doing, if you cannot come out to say that the presidency is protecting him, the..all of you will perish down to your house hold. Tinubu is a useless man and it will never be well with him. He made it possible to arrest Emefiele and now he has turned his drug eyes away from this matter. Bastards
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- kp45 at 13-06-2024 05:04 PM (1 month ago)
Foolish and useless talk.
Posted: at 13-06-2024 05:04 PM (1 month ago) | Addicted Hero