Man Sparks Speculation After Spotting New Photo Of Wizkid's Babymama With Protruding Stomach

Date: 16-06-2024 10:14 pm (3 weeks ago) | Author: Mister Jay Wonder
- at 16-06-2024 10:14 PM (3 weeks ago)

Speculation has been rife on social media after a Nigerian man raised questions about the possibility of Wizkid's longtime girlfriend and babymama, Jada Pollock, being pregnant again. The speculation was ignited after the man, identified as @_oluwaseun9, posted a recent photo of Jada on Twitter, where her stomach appeared slightly protruding.

In the photo, which has since gone viral, Jada is seen wearing a La'ise pink dress while posing with an eldeely man . The angle and positioning of the photo have led some fans and followers to speculate that she might be expecting another child with the popular Nigerian singer, Wizkid.

While neither Jada nor Wizkid has made any official statements regarding the speculation, fans have taken to social media platforms to share their opinions. Many have expressed excitement at the possibility of another addition to Wizkid's family, while others have cautioned against jumping to conclusions based on a single photograph.

Jada Pollock, also known as Jada P, has been in a relationship with Wizkid for several years and is the mother of his youngest child, Zion. Their relationship has often been in the spotlight due to their public appearances and the occasional controversies that surround the Nigerian music star.

This recent speculation comes amidst Wizkid's ongoing success in the music industry, where he continues to make waves both locally and internationally. The artist recently celebrated the 13th year of the release of his first album, "Superstar," which has garnered widespread acclaim and topped music charts across the globe.

As fans eagerly await any confirmation or denial from the couple regarding the pregnancy rumors, social media remains abuzz with discussions and debates about Jada Pollock's possible pregnancy and what it could mean for Wizkid's expanding family.

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she probably just ate a whole juicy lobster from Red Lobster
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