“Women Are The Reason Why Some Men Aren’t Responsible Fathers” – Daddy Freeze To Kate Henshaw

Date: 17-06-2024 12:06 pm (1 month ago) | Author: Mister Jay Wonder
- at 17-06-2024 12:06 PM (1 month ago)

Prominent media personality Daddy Freeze has weighed in on the backlash surrounding Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw's Father’s Day message, which sparked criticism for its selective praise.

Kate Henshaw posted a message celebrating responsible fathers on Father’s Day, quoting Proverbs 23:24 from the Amplified Bible: “The father of the righteous will greatly rejoice, and he who sires a wise child will have joy in him.” She added,
“Happy Father’s Day to all the responsible fathers here. God’s strength, favour, and blessings will continue to abound”

However, critics pointed out that while Henshaw had universally wished all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day, she only acknowledged "responsible" fathers on Father’s Day. Responding to the criticism, Henshaw remained unperturbed, saying,
“I dey go chop ram meat… You will be alright or better still, never be. Name calling no dey shake me…”

In his reaction, Daddy Freeze supported Henshaw's emphasis on responsibility among fathers but also highlighted the complexities surrounding the issue. He acknowledged that while fathers should indeed be responsible, there are many good men who face difficulties that hinder their ability to fulfill this role due to financial, health, or other challenges.

“Kate is right; as a father you need to be responsible. However, there are good men out there who can’t afford to be responsible for financial, health, or other reasons, so it’s not their fault,”
Daddy Freeze wrote. He further noted that some women contribute to men's irresponsibility by damaging them psychologically, emotionally, and financially.
“Many women are also the reason why some men are irresponsible. If you destroy a man psychologically, emotionally and financially, you can’t expect magic can you?? The scriptures quoted also cut both ways,”
he added.

This discourse highlights the ongoing conversation about gender roles and responsibilities, particularly on occasions like Father’s Day, and the broader societal expectations placed on both men and women.

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- fineboy77 at 17-06-2024 12:15 PM (1 month ago)
Women will start taking responsibility the day a chicken pee's

Posted: at 17-06-2024 12:15 PM (1 month ago) | Addicted Hero
- nikiniki at 17-06-2024 01:52 PM (1 month ago)
That is right, Daddy Freeze. You can never judge a book by its cover. Marriage is complex and I will never judge any man/woman in it. For any action, there is always a reason.
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- gogoman at 17-06-2024 01:56 PM (1 month ago)
That is why men are stupid!!! while women are evil... Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
gogoman of nigeria
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