Charles Inojie, Others Challenge Movie Producer, Effixzzy To Name Actors Owing Her Millions

Date: 19-06-2024 5:57 am (3 weeks ago) | Author: kacy lee
- at 19-06-2024 05:57 AM (3 weeks ago)

Nollywood producer and actor Ani Amatosero, known as Effixzzy Boss, has publicly expressed her frustration over unpaid debts from some of her colleagues in the industry. In a video shared on her Instagram page, she disclosed that one actor owes her N1.3 million, while two others owe her N800,000 and N700,000 respectively. These debts have been outstanding for over a year and seven months.

Effixzzy Boss urged actors to either reschedule or refund money if they have been paid for a job but cannot fulfill it. She praised those she has worked with who have maintained professionalism and transparency. Addressing the actors who owe her money, she warned them to settle their debts or face public exposure.

“I don’t want to do this but I think at this point I have to. I have 3 artistes that I paid; one is 1 year 7 months now, my money with this person is N1.3million; the second one N800,000 and the third one N650,000.

If you know you’ve been paid for a job and you know you can’t do it, if you reschedule one or twice it’s okay for the producer to be understand. But if you know you can’t do it again, then refund. That’s what I think and know cause I have worked with several people, so professional, if they know they can’t do the job, they wouldn’t take the money or they will tell me to hold it till they are ready.

But at this point, it’s looking like I am a mumu or I don’t have sense. At the time I paid this money, dollar was already low and I know what I would have gained if I had invested the money in a business.

I know you’re watching this video. The next time I will do it, I will call your name. I have reported to AGN chairman, he is on this case. We have rescheduled the movie almost 10 times. Please I am begging you in the name of God cause I know you will see this video”.

In her caption, she noted how the economy isn’t smiling and she isn’t a big girl and badly needs her money.

“It’s so unfortunate that I have to really do this. This economy is not smiling. I no be big girl abeg. I need my money in 2 weeks if not una names go drop and nothing ho happen”

Taking to her comment section, the likes of Charles Inojie, Sarah Martins, Anita Joseph, Victoria Inyama, Walter Anga and Pere Egbi weighed into it.

Charles Inojie urged her to mention their names. He wrote

, “To the extent that you lacked the courage to call them out. It would appear the thing never really pain you. Oppression persists when you condone it

Sarah Martins wrote, “This is bad. Abeg collect your money

Anita Joseph wrote, “A year and gini kwa. Person hold my money hiaaa they no born the person. Shallom taaaa, make them pay you now before we enter

Victoria Inyama wrote, “No signed contract? Hmmm

Walter Anga wrote, “Take heart, God is your strength

Pere Egbi wrote, “One year seven months. Godamm”..

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