REVEALED: President Joe Biden’s Plan For Undocumented Immigrants In US

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Immigration experts have continued to weigh in on the potential pathway to citizenship the new Immigration policy may create not just for Dreamers alone but for many who are seeking US citizenship.

Though It’s not a one-size-fits-all plan. Joe Biden is a critical thinker, so his plan is more complex than this question may be prepared for.

Dreamers are undocumented immigrants. He wants a path to citizenship for them.

Undocumented immigrants who are criminals or terrorists would be targeted for deportation.

Undocumented immigrants who simply overstayed their visas (the largest percentage of undocumented immigrants) would likely have the opportunity to get their immigration status in order.

Undocumented immigrants who fled violence and who would have sought asylum as a refugees under any President other than Donald Trump will likely be able to petition for asylum now.

Undocumented immigrants who have been abused and tortured by the Trump administration may be dealt with in a variety of ways, for example, any existing requests for asylum may be expedited, etc.

In a broader sense, to combat the problem of illegal immigration, Biden would make legal immigration easier, abolish Trump’s “only the wealthy can come here” policy, and make it easier for migrant workers to come here to work, and then return home.

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