Nigerians Roast Reno Omokri Online After He Proffered 'Solutions' to Rising Cost of Food Items

Date: 19-06-2024 8:05 pm (1 month ago) | Author: kacy lee
- at 19-06-2024 08:05 PM (1 month ago)

Reno Omokri, a Nigerian author and social media influencer, addressed Nigerians who were complaining about the high price of eggs. He suggested that instead of complaining, they should take a practical approach by raising their own chickens.

Omokri's advice was to get a hen and provide it with corn every day, emphasizing that this would ensure a steady supply of eggs without the need to rely on market prices.

But many Netizens will not have his idea as the solution on the high rise in foodstuff. See some reactions below:

Coming from the man who kept embarrassing Buhari with protests

So to train hen don east like that …nothing musa no go see for gate I beg make Una help me ask uncle how much chicken feed ,,just because you wan support your papa you de cut corners de talk  the only person I fit listen to na person wey stay nija here with me no be run away soldier

So how long will I have to wait before the chicken is grown and lays eggs? Or before my veggies grow? In the meantime what exactly are people supposed to do? Foolish idea

After all these plenty talk this government has still not noticed you. Onu tap

What a disappointment! People can actually do these but you should be honorable enough to hold the government accountable for their inadequacies. They were elected to make lives better not otherwise nor to turn citizens into mandatory farmers!!!

How u wan take plant vegetables for my landlady compound abi na for Lagos wey air don dey finish u wan grow vegetables. Reno don dey mentt small small

Your head empty this man. You think they consume this stuff you listed above more than us ? We use this everyday so how many you want plant for your backyard ? This white people eat junks all day everyday and eat out. They just use the backyard ones for special occasions like twice in a year cos e no deh plenty. So you especially everyone to plant in Nigeria wey we dey consume everyday?

My Reno your have good idea and you're entitle to your opinion. I have just one question for you. Do you know how much they sell bag of corn now?

So even people staying in a rented apartment should do the same ? Who is doing us in this country

Oma paean aiye ni omokri. Corn is 1700 per Congo. Baby fowl is 3k upwards. Ori e ti daru

Normally we fit pursue this man comot from social media, na to report all him acct

They still will not give you appointment. Ntooor

Now I know why he talked about “Agbado” that year before he became president

You for kuku turn us to farmer

@renoomokri you can so be senseless at times. How do you expect tenants to plant vegetables, protein & peppers  at their landlord’s house?? If d cost of petrol is slashed let’s say #100, d cost of everything will fall. I dear d govt not to reduce d cost of petrol before d next election. Oponu ode

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thank you reno
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- Patode at 19-06-2024 10:11 PM (1 month ago)
Reno Omokri wants us to get a small goat and feed it till it grows up.
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As usual
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