Social Media Influencer, Shugatiti Reveals Seven-Year Absence From Church

Date: 23-06-2024 3:50 pm (4 weeks ago) | Author: Mister Jay Wonder
- at 23-06-2024 03:50 PM (4 weeks ago)

Shugatiti, the popular Ghanaian social media influencer, actress, and chef, has stirred controversy by revealing that she hasn't attended church in seven years. The reasons she cites for her absence are unconventional and have raised eyebrows among her followers and the public.

In a candid interview, Shugatiti explained her decision to stay away from church, citing rampant favoritism and pervasive sin within church communities. "It's been over seven years now," she stated. "Church is a place where favoritism is practiced, and sin is plentiful. The instrumentalists want to sleep with you, the pastors want to sleep with you, everybody wants to sleep with you. If you don't give in to them, nobody talks to you."[/i]

Shugatiti, known for her bold personality and sensual lifestyle, expressed her disdain for such behavior, which she claims is prevalent in churches. "Those kinds of words put me off. That's why I don't like going to church; I don't want to see those things. So, right now, if I need something, I just pray and fast about it, and I get it," she added.

Far from a demure figure, Shugatiti is renowned for her provocative image and her roles in erotic films. She embraces her segxwality openly, considering it as natural as the sun in the sky.

Her revelations have sparked discussions about the integrity of religious institutions and the experiences of women within them. While some may view her reasons as frivolous, others see her comments as a bold critique of the church's shortcomings.

The debate continues as Shugatiti remains unapologetic about her stance, emphasizing her preference for personal spirituality over organized religion.

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