Meet Prominent Lebanese-Nigerian Bizman, Gilbert Chagoury Who People Think He Should Contest

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Gilbert Chagoury is a prominent Lebanese-Nigerian businessman and philanthropist with a diverse portfolio of businesses and significant influence in Nigeria. He is particularly well-known for his real estate ventures, such as Eko Hotels and Suites and Eko Atlantic City, and his involvement in various industries, including construction, food production, and hospitality.

Is Nigeria Due for a Non-Black President?

Nigeria is a diverse country with many ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds. The question of whether Nigeria is "due" for a non-Black president is complex and multifaceted, involving considerations of national identity, historical context, and current socio-political dynamics. Traditionally, Nigerian political leadership has been predominantly from its Black ethnic groups, reflecting the country's demographics. However, inclusivity and diversity are values that could support the candidacy of Nigerians from different backgrounds if they have the support of the electorate.

Lebanese Nigerians in Public Offices: Lebanese Nigerians have historically been less visible in political roles in Nigeria, often focusing on business and commerce. There are several reasons for this:

Historical Context: The Lebanese community in Nigeria has traditionally been involved in commerce and trade rather than politics.
Citizenship and Identity: While many Lebanese Nigerians are citizens, there can be challenges related to perceptions of identity and belonging within the broader Nigerian context.
Political Dynamics: Nigerian politics can be deeply rooted in ethnic and regional affiliations, which might influence the political aspirations and acceptance of candidates from minority communities.
Voting for Gilbert Chagoury: Whether one would vote for Gilbert Chagoury for presidency depends on various factors:

Policy and Vision: His vision for Nigeria and policies on key issues such as the economy, security, healthcare, education, and infrastructure.
Leadership and Integrity: His track record in leadership, business ethics, and personal integrity.
Public Perception: The general public's perception of him and his ability to unify the country across diverse ethnic and social lines.
If Chagoury were to run for office, these factors would significantly influence the electorate's decision, including my own if I were a voter.

Other Notable Nigerian Billionaires:
Aliko Dangote - Often regarded as the richest man in Africa, Dangote's wealth comes primarily from his company, Dangote Group, which has interests in commodities such as cement, sugar, and flour.
Mike Adenuga - The founder of Globacom, one of Nigeria's largest telecommunications companies, and a major player in the oil sector.
Femi Otedola - Known for his investments in the oil industry through Forte Oil, as well as various other sectors.
Folorunsho Alakija - A billionaire businesswoman with interests in the oil, fashion, and printing industries.
Abdul Samad Rabiu - Founder of BUA Group, which has interests in sugar refining, cement production, and real estate.

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Have has anybody checked why there are so many Lebanese diaspora?
When you do, you'll thank god for being Nigerian!!!
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 Grin Grin Grin
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why not? When most Nigerians were being turned away from loans, his parents had access to loans and corrupt officials and his family took things from there. These people followed the oil and they first started selling cloths! But where are we today?
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