My Father Was An Ambassador Who Served For 30yrs, But He Was Denied a Shengen Visa To Austria

Date: 25-06-2024 8:12 am (3 weeks ago) | Author: kacy lee
- at 25-06-2024 08:12 AM (3 weeks ago)

Bolanle Olukanni, daughter of a former Nigerian Ambassador to Austria, recently shared a distressing experience regarding the treatment of her father by Austrian embassy officials.

Despite his diplomatic status of being an Austria ambassador for 3 years and ambassadors to other nations for close to 27 years, he faced significant difficulties, including repeated visa denials and demeaning treatment of his Nigerian passport.

Bolanle's account of her father's ordeal highlights the challenges faced by Nigerian passport holders, even those with diplomatic immunity.

The story, shared on her social media, sparked reactions from notable figures, including Prof. Wole Soyinka, who commented on the post, likely expressing concern over the disrespect and challenges faced by Nigerians globally.

This incident has brought attention to the perceived devaluation of the Nigerian passport and the broader implications for Nigerian citizens traveling or living abroad.

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Posted: at 25-06-2024 08:12 AM (3 weeks ago) | Addicted Hero
- Northrop at 25-06-2024 09:27 AM (3 weeks ago)
What did he do to improve Nigeria's image during his 30 years service as a Nigerian diplomat? What did he forget in Austria?

I laugh in Japanese, these jobbers parading themselves as diplomats doing next to nothing beside collection over bloated Foreign Service Allowances. News flash!!! even the Nigerian Mission in Austria is currently in Bankruptcy! SO !!!
Posted: at 25-06-2024 09:27 AM (3 weeks ago) | Upcoming
- gogoman at 25-06-2024 01:57 PM (2 weeks ago)
Online (m)
see this fool!! how can someone be an ambassador for 30 years!!  u give no room for another man to make am Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes you all crook!!!
Posted: at 25-06-2024 01:57 PM (2 weeks ago) | Grande Master
- nikiniki at 25-06-2024 02:56 PM (2 weeks ago)
Online (f)
Why should diplomats have special preference? Issue of entitlement is the problem here. What makes your father different from the rest? Because he and his likes failed in their duties to the country but rather heavily enjoyed themselves on the public funds. Oshi oro. When it rains, it pours. Unah never see anything. Everyone will be affected last last. If you are in a position to improve things today and you felt it's not your business, wait till when you leave such position. You are so insulted indeed!
Posted: at 25-06-2024 02:56 PM (2 weeks ago) | Gistmaniac
- KDoinspire at 25-06-2024 11:50 PM (2 weeks ago)
Online (m)
It is truly astonishing and thoughtless to witness the act of sharing such matters on social media or in the public domain. What exactly are you expecting us to do in response to this? Are you suggesting that we should rashly invade the Austrian Embassy due to the actions of your deceitful and self-centered father? Who is your father to believe that he deserves special treatment? According to Austrian immigration laws, he holds no significance. Your father's criminal activities are evident, as he consistently applies for an Austrian Visa without any regard for his questionable actions. I am convinced that he has illicitly obtained funds hidden in Austria and now desires to repatriate the money. Do you believe that the Austrian authorities are as foolish as your father? Both you and your father will face the consequences of your actions. Rest assured, justice will be served in due time.
Posted: at 25-06-2024 11:50 PM (2 weeks ago) | Gistmaniac