a stone throw away from our freedom...

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it is no more a news as to what is going on in major Africans countries in regards to transition of power and true democracy. The Egyptians have set a pace for other countries to sought their own freedoms too. Not long after  Hosni Mubarak stepped down did the Yemens start their protest and want the president too to step down because he was accused of having a hand in a two-yr old "crime". Egypt has been under a dictator's regime for as long as 30 yrs before the people refused to be slaves in their own country in a protest that lasted for 17 days. The spark of the protest started with a google executive, Wael ghonim, on one of his social media and later spread to every cranny of Egypt.
Other  contries too in the likes Yemen, Tunisia, Albania, Algeria, Bangladesh, chile, Greece, Cuba, just to mention but a few, have started seeking a change in thier countries.
The notion here is, Nigeria is not far from getting her freedom from from the current pseudodemocracy in which we are being ruled. But the question is, can Nigerians unite to have a firm protest for a true free and fair election and a true democracy? Ever since we got our independence, we have not, as a nation, enjoyed true democracy. I implore every Nigerian to wake up from their slumber and forget about sentiments. this has got nothing to do with somebody being from south-south, south north, north north, west west or whatever it is. All we have been known for is talking, when do we plan to take actions?

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