“What I don’t like about Nigeria?…I never diss my own country” – Genevieve Nnaji

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African Voices meets Nigerian movie star Genevieve Nnaji, one of Africa’s most successful actresses. Dressed in a Jewel by Lisa piece, Genevieve was interviewed by CNN’s Pedro Pinto. This is one of the most comprehensive interviews given by the actress, she discussed her love for Nigeria, her acting career, Nollywood and lots more.

The show will air this weekend 26th to 28th March 2011 – Watch the show at the following times on CNN International:

•Saturdays: 0830, 1430
•Sundays: 0800, 2100
•Mondays: 1030, 1730
(all times GMT)

CLIP: Genevieve Nnaji chats with Pedro Pinto about Nigeria on CNN International’s African Voices

Transcript – Excerpt

Nigeria is just like any other place

GN – Everything, every aspect of you know, human nature is in every Nigerian. The good, the bad, the ugly, it’s just like another New York. You know, Nigeria is fun to be honest. But we’re not the worst people. All we have people talking about when it comes to Nigeria is crime and fraud, and that’s just a very, very, minute number of people. Nigerians as a whole are very confident people, I believe we’re confident, I believe we’re very resourceful and we are very hospitable when it comes to visitors in the country.

PP – When you look at you’re country, what are some of the things you love about it, what are some of the things that you would like to change?

GN – I like that as Nigerians as we are, we have some sort of neighbourly love that we don’t understand, we have a way of coming to the rescue of complete strangers, we do have that bond and I think it has to do with our background and how we are raised and how Nigerians in a whole have been made to be morally. It’s like you have a moral duty to your society, to yourself, to your family so it’s like everybody’s business is everybody’s business. It’s a bad thing sometimes, but it does have its good sides. You know, so that is something that we are. We probably don’t know as a people and if we don’t know we should know it now, it’s a good thing. What I don’t like about Nigeria…man, I never diss my own country, man! You know, what ever negativity is in a country is in every other country; it’s in every other part of the world. So, the thing is everyone needs to be treated as individuals and not a collective nation. You don’t judge one person or judge one person by another persons faults. So, I just take every Nigerian the way I see them. I would never live anywhere else to be honest, no.

PP – Really?

GN – No, I grew up in Lagos, I was born, bred there. I don’t see myself leaving that town anytime soon. I can work anywhere else, but in terms of living, I’m used to Lagos, I’m sorry!


nickki at 29-03-2011 01:52AM (8 years ago)
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ehe so poster wat do u want now? spik fast.
faithm at 29-03-2011 02:07AM (8 years ago)
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i just saw the complete interview on here http://www.bellanaija.com/2011/03/28/genevieve-nnaji-on-cnn-african-voices-the-complete-interview/
i love this woman to bits.keep repping naija for us jare.lol
Geematrix at 29-03-2011 06:57AM (8 years ago)
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hmmmm...... Waving d flag of naija.... Gud one
lanudja at 29-03-2011 09:10AM (8 years ago)
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God bless dis babe...
Youngstoriez at 30-03-2011 01:26AM (8 years ago)
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deboalabi262 at 3-04-2011 02:26AM (8 years ago)
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Passing along with speed

Marah at 9-04-2011 10:01AM (8 years ago)
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"i never diss ma country" was a stupid reply gene,....there loads of stufs u could  ve said,....like changing the perception of people outside ds country abt us,...our image!...a lot!...nt dancing around ur words, unless u were nervous,...pardon u 4 dat.
frayobkk at 9-04-2011 01:09PM (8 years ago)
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me too i don waka jari

billgarts at 11-04-2011 04:28PM (8 years ago)
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GN handle herself well,she answerd the qwuestion as it was supoosed to,GNis prudent,thats why shes carefull with her chioce of words,it will be unfair to be quoted out of context.way to go girl.if GN was hollywood she will be likened to vivica fox.
MissyBarbie at 13-04-2011 04:48PM (8 years ago)
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Really! is this necessaary?
Commonsense at 18-04-2011 03:33AM (8 years ago)
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y? Hw im take d rubish. 4 wetin na. Oga biko no harsh wit d shawty abegi o!
simele at 19-04-2011 03:51PM (8 years ago)
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Quote from: nickki on 29-03-2011 01:52AM
ehe so poster wat do u want now? spik fast.

Ortopazz at 19-04-2011 04:43PM (8 years ago)
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you r listen, guy u tite o!
Greggiyke at 20-04-2011 12:18PM (8 years ago)
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I really love this lady, honestly i'm in love with Genevieve, someone please help me tell her.
Everything about her appeals so much to my soul. My fantasy gal, u rock babe
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bittertruth Cool

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