What would you do if you catch him with another man?

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Right from creation, God intended that heterosexuality should be the natural order of affection between man and woman. But increasingly, society is witnessing acts of depravity that would make 18th and 19th century people turn in their graves.

The attitude of people to morality and decency continues to fall daily, so much that homosexuality and its ‘twin sister’ Lesbianism are now being glamorized by Hollywood. Even Nigeria’s Nollywood is beginning to ape its Los Angeles ‘elder brother’ by promoting home video productions based on homosexuality and Lesbianism.

A variant of this unnatural affection is bisexuality, which Wikipedia describes as “sexual behavior or orientation involving physical and/or romantic attraction to both males and females especially in regards to men and women.” Bisexuality is one of the three main classifications of sexual orientations. The others, as noted earlier, being heterosexuality and homosexuality. Bisexuality is a situation where a person could easily engage in sexual relationship with either a man or a woman.

In the face of the growing incidence of homosexuality, what should a woman do if she catches her husband engaged in sexual act with another man in her home?

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The end of time and societal madness and influence
Larrykingomoj (m) at 2-05-2011 05:15AM
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The end of time and societal madness and influence. If they like, let them have sex with beasts and trees.
PoliticxGuru (m) at 21-08-2015 12:19AM
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