Which Way Nigeria

Date: 02-12-2008 2:49 pm (12 years ago) | Author: McAnthony Otobong Augustine
- at 2-12-2008 02:49 PM (12 years ago)
What exactly can one say?For as long as i can remember,i've been fed with the word,''Youths are the leaders of tomorrow".I am yet to see that come true.

Imagine the past administration coming out boldly to say,graduates could pick up a hoe and move to the forest if they are tired of searching for jobs and should stop bothering them with issues about unemployments.Yet,a one leg alive,one leg dead ex president who claim he is (we all know he is well over ),could attest to himself on the day of handover a right to float a television station.

We are tired of watching them do things in our own generation when in theirs,they had failed.We shall resist them by all means possible."By all means possible...I repeat!"

The government has really failed in its responsibility to its young people. they forget it is a vicious circle that keeps reeling. if they embezzle it is only natural that that's the  foundation that the society would be built on. we must stop that circle.

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