Nigerian mother of quintuplets ‘fights’ to remain in the UK (Page 7)

Date: 07-07-2011 5:47 pm (12 years ago) | Author: Lydia Anudja
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- naijagirl at 14-07-2011 11:36 AM (12 years ago)
Quote from: tinswild on July 08, 2011, 07:09:43 PM
I can't believe some of the comments i'm reading regarding this article..about the law is heartless because she's not an European, she should be granted stay and stuffs like that..please don't be ignorant, the woman knew what she was doing before deciding to come into the UK to ''visit'' her relatives within months of the possibility that she would be put to bed. I can bet my life on it that she came purposely to the UK to give birth and and maybe get an indefinite stay nothing more (which doesn't work like that no more). By law anyone visiting the UK is not entitled to any public treatment (e.g National Health Service, which is paid for through citizens taxes) which are only meant for the citizens of the UK. She is on a visiting visa which means legally she is not allowed to work with the UK and if she not working how can she contribute towards the public service of the country? she is using the service for free with no contribution towards, not only are the public paying for her upkeep, they are also working their arses off to pay for her 4 children, which is just not right, she is really lucky that shes not in police detention for her fraud, because lets face it, this is fraud. I might sound harsh, but I'm tired of some of us living in the UK working our arses off day in and day out only for some people to come into the country and ripe the reward. if she can work her arse off and provide for herself and her children while she stays in the country then I hope they extend her stay, but if she's planing on sitting and ripping the rewards of hard workers people of the country then I hope she is deported. Law is law, and honesty is honesty (the was dishonest) lets stop saying if shes this or that then this wont happen. Harsh but true, she knew the law she will be breaking before embarking on her ''visit'' in to the UK.


although what you guys are saying is true, considering the odds of giving birth to five child at once, you will agree her case is a special case and cannot be treated as every other kind of immigration cases. the woman may have known she will give birth at the time she did and took her chances by going to the uk, and yes she may have broke the law but frankly speaking with the harsh and depreciating condition in nigeria, can you blame her? nigeria is so bad that there is not hope even for the next hundred years. she is just a good mother looking for a better life for her children and i am pretty sure that if allowed to stay she will work hard to cater for them. you never can tell what those children will become in future, many great blacks in the uk, europe, america and around the world are one way or the other children of illegal immigrants who migrated many years ago to seek a better life and it paid off so as a good mother who seek better prospects for her children can do whatever it takes to achieve her goal and i believe this is the battle she has to fight, and the truth be told, the chances of success in the uk is up to 6 times better than the chances of success in nigeria so forget their stupid immigration rules, they act as if they follow rules but they exploit people for their own benefit just look at libya, why are they wasting their money in bombing libya, is it not because of what they will gain THE OIL. look at how much they charge international students who come to study, almost four time what their own people pay and still yet they wont want to go to school so i am always glad when nigerians show them that they too know how to be cunning

concerning ur point of view dat d kids wold be havin beta chances in uk im comparism to livin in 9ja. DO you know that theyre people in 9ja who are doin far much better than those in the uk?? Nigeria isnt a poor country that we know. The problem nigeria is havin is the bad organisaiton by government ... no proper health care nd has to carry his loads hinself while those in power enrich themselves nd secure the future of their unborn great grand childern.. It is sad, nd of course a mom would do her best to give her children the bestin life. These people would go any length to uptight their laws but come to think of it the woman is glad  she isnt payin any fine for wantin tu stay without proper papers..
Itis not only in the uk that they have kiss who are lazy to go to school despite d good opportunities , even in germany its worse.But theyare not so stupid to jst allow anyone whose not their citizen or a taxpayer to come in and eat without payin where others have been workin effortlessly day nd night ...

yes there are people in nigeria who are better of but what is the percentage? maybe 9% of the total population. they should grant the woman stay so she can work and start paying taxes. the woman has broken the law but she has also done a very rare thing by giving birth to 5 kids at once and therefore they should have compassion on her if possible allow her to work and gradually pay up her debt. if she had only one child fine then they can deport he but i her case, she has 5 and it will be extremely difficult for her to take care of those children in nigeria especially if there is no father to help cater for them as you know it is mostly poor people who usually have multiple births (twins, triplets, quadruplets etc) the rich who have the money to take care of any amount of children usually find it hard to even get one. and yes nigeria is not a poor country but they are often classified as a poor country where millions of nigerians live on about  1dollar a day, the gap between the rich and the poor is so much that the rich keep getting richer whereas the poor keeps getting poorer with no hope in sight. so it will be fair to say that the one has lesser chances of success in nigeria if you are poor cos the government dont give a damn about the future generation when they themselves send their children abroad

Well ma bro about how many percentage of Nigerians who are better of?? That i dont have any idea about. And you think they can just grant someone stay just because she gave birth to five kids at once?? -- It isnt that easy!!!  to the xtent i know about there are people here in Europe(Nigerians) who are married nd stay wif deir hussys  , or other´s who live in assylum home ,,,,,THEY ARE NOT JUST GRANTED STAY LIKE THAT. Many of them still face repatriation., but she didnt do a very rare thing bcos accordin to d Report they deal wif hundreds of such cases in a year--------- THIS ISNT THEIR FIRST TIME. we heard bout dis coz dis woman decided not to keep quiet nd seek for help in every  possible ways.
 Yes we know that nigeria isnt poor but still pipl are sufferin , d gap btw rich nd poor is gettin high --THIS VERY SAME PROBLEM IS WORLDWIDE, not only in Nigeria or africa. The problem of Nigeria as i said b4 is d bad organisation of government nd d manipulation of law. You come ova to europe or visit oda continents den ull say with ur mouth dat dere are very poor pipl who if not for d help of government /voluntary able-bodies in deir countries ,who wouldnt b able to get a proper meal in a day. This pipl arent just stupid, sayin dis womans case is different. No wonder they change their law every now and then (e.g Germany)just coz of the things goin on in their countries-- e.g careless misuse of their law in sum cases. But i still believe the woman knew why she was goin to the UK durin her pregnancy..... SHIKINA  Lips Sealed Lips Sealed
 I hope the woman finds favour in their sight though nd theyll put her into consideration.
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- tando at 14-07-2011 11:46 AM (12 years ago)
she can apply for a temporary asylum seeker permit. and wait for her case is finalised by home office. i just dont know how the immigration law works in Uk. but in South Africa the law allows anyone to apply for temporary asylum seeker permit until your case is finalised. most people take this route. the are organisation dealing with these issues. the law is for everyone. she needs to approached those organisations dealing with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. she will not be long with her asylum seeker permit because nigeria is not one of the countries that produces refugees. but there are guidelines to prolong your stay in the country.
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- tando at 14-07-2011 11:47 AM (12 years ago)
she must inbox me and i'll give her some guidelines under 1951 UN convention. but it's not 100% as we all tell our clients. i deal with these cases from daily basis.
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Naijagirl Na wa for you oooo
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no time for this
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 Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed

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good like that
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