Ghana Pastor Arrested For Fingering 5 Woman In Hotel Room During Prayers

Published 8 years ago by: Peter Izu
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at 3-08-2011 08:51AM (8 years ago)

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A 29-year-old self-styled Man of God has been nabbed by the Adenta District Police Command for allegedly inserting his fingers into the private parts of five women under the pretext of praying for them.
Prophet Richard Addo, who claims to be a member of Word Miracle Church at Nungua, a suburb of Accra, was arrested after one of the women boldly reported the incident to the police.
As at press time yesterday, the five complainants had given their statements to the Adenta police about the alleged acts of Prophet Richard Addo.
According to information available to DAILY GUIDE, Prophet Addo also charged the women various amounts of money ranging from GH¢150 to GH¢200 and as well tried to ravage their bodies.
According to one of the victims (named with-held), she met the man of God in November 2010 on the street where he told her that he had had a vision in which a baby was walking behind her and crying.
"I then confessed to him that I have had an abortion before and he said that he will help me pray to break that bondage.
"We then made an appointment to meet at my hostel for prayers. Later, he asked me to give him G¢150 to purchase olive oil for the deliverance prayers while the remaining balance will also be used as seed money for prayer request."
According to her, during a subsequent prayer session, Prophet Richard Addo asked her to strip naked in a hotel room while he used the olive oil to rub her whole body, following which he inserted the olive oil into her honeypot.
Another victim also narrated that Prophet Richard Addo after meeting her, said it had been revealed to him that she was barren.
"He made me to pay GH¢200 for olive oil and the rest to be used as prayer request fees."
She maintained that Prophet Richard Addo inserted four of his fingers into her private parts while praying for her.
Confirming the story to DAILY GUIDE, Adenta District Police Commander, DSP Stephen Kofi Ahiatafu, said the victims reported to the police on Monday February 14, 2011 about what they allegedly went through at the hands of the self-styled pastor.
He said one of the victims reported first to the station that the said man of God took her laptop, an amount of GH¢150 and fingered her as well under the pretext of praying for her.
DSP Ahiatafu said in all, five women, some of whom were married and others students, had lodged complaints against the pastor.
"After collecting money from them, Prophet Richard Addo then takes them to a hotel room, rubs olive oil on their bodies, and inserts his fingers into their private pans as well," the commander said.
He appealed to other women who might have fallen victim to his acts to report at the station.
When the self-styled man of God was asked to demonstrate how he did it, he said he inserted his four fingers into the women's honeypots with the help of the olive oil.

maryclaret at 4-08-2011 04:02AM (8 years ago)
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But these women sef...I tire o. What did they do when he was molesting them in broad daylight?!! Did they just stand there, saying "Yes, Pastor," "Amen," and then later on report it to the police? When he told them to strip, that was the time they were supposed to leave his perverted self there and bring the police. Afterall, is there anywhere in the Bible where Jesus asked anyone to strip for any reason? Come on people THINK! Stop playing the victim when these things can be avoided!!

cadanre at 4-08-2011 10:18AM (8 years ago)
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Prayer! Prayer!! Prayer!!! Oh! It is Deliverance ko? Something is wrong with pastors today and some of their followers!

mat-James at 4-08-2011 11:17AM (8 years ago)
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a pastor asked you to remove your clothes,
and you as a woman accept to be naked in the name of prayers abi?
seems some Christians dont even know their bible,
they woman are not serious
kano1 at 4-08-2011 02:17PM (8 years ago)
(2 | Newbie) (m)

not just the pastor was wrong but the victims as well, were they forced to pull-off? off-course no, so the women to an extent are to be blamed too, but the pastor should be publicly disgraced bcos he has just succeeded to  bring shame to the cross of Calvary
frayobkk at 4-08-2011 02:39PM (8 years ago)
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woman ar one of the most stupid ppl i never sees ladys in the house should 4give me
but i hav to say the truth when girls ar despirate the can do anything even with that of there precious nakedness
the will give it out for free . i pitty then sha but that sound lession but other that may still fall victin

harold634 at 4-08-2011 03:02PM (8 years ago)
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Pastor and women in a hotel room for prayers;D Grin. There is something more than the fingering.
frayobkk at 5-08-2011 04:33AM (8 years ago)
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Quote from: harold634 on  4-08-2011 03:02PM
Pastor and women in a hotel room for prayers;D Grin. There is something more than the fingering.

heheheeh true talk lol

08060509569 at 24-09-2011 02:58AM (8 years ago)
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stupid ladies he should have plucked  una clitoris
kikybaby at 25-09-2011 11:41AM (8 years ago)
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is the hotel room an extension of the church auditorium? the women self na wah for them
mallorca at 25-09-2011 02:07PM (8 years ago)
(20440 | Addicted Hero) (m)

Quote from: harold634 on  4-08-2011 03:02PM
Pastor and women in a hotel room for prayers;D Grin. There is something more than the fingering.
Grin Grin Grin Grin

lifedestiny at 25-09-2011 06:00PM (8 years ago)
(67 | Newbie) (m)

they always attend church were wonders happen, now under wonder done showface please my people u need to wise. how can someone looking 4 miracle to get money without work.
Hollandear at 25-09-2011 06:24PM (8 years ago)
(429 | Upcoming) (m)

Hehuhehu. I laugh in Ghanian. Pastors are so Sweet. Chei! I'd berra start pursuing a career in ministering.

brethofreshair at 26-09-2011 01:22AM (8 years ago)
(46 | Newbie) (m)

Did he rape them? Am sure they even paid for the hotel room.
They naked themselves and opened their legs freely for pastor to 'anoint' them. How gullible can women be. Don't be surprised that this same thing happens in Naija.
What made their eyes to open sef?
Maybe they expected "heavier anointing"
D9ja at 20-11-2011 08:38PM (8 years ago)
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De women are stupid. How can a pastor call u to come 4 prayers in a hotel, and u carry urself go?
infact de thing dey still dey hungry dem, nor be prayers dem go 4
bolaoluwagbemig at 20-11-2011 08:46PM (8 years ago)
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 Roll Eyes Angry Angry Angry Angry
Quote from: kikybaby on 25-09-2011 11:41AM
is the hotel room an extension of the church auditorium? the women self na wah for them

onlyGodknows at 21-12-2011 05:17PM (8 years ago)
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This is the type my grandmother will say: TUFIAKWA!
dillysamuel at 13-01-2012 11:20AM (8 years ago)
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What at all do our ladies of today want from fake pastors
Bazemaster at 13-01-2012 11:33AM (8 years ago)
(6753 | Gistmaniac) (m)

i c

Ozoya at 15-01-2012 04:48PM (8 years ago)
(9 | Newbie) (m)

The women are desperate to get miracle so don,t blame them and for that reason they became blind totally even to their honeypot.
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