We Need Vocational Secondary Schools In Nigeria.

Date: 19-08-2011 2:08 am (10 years ago) | Author: Bashir Emmanuel Terhile
- at 19-08-2011 02:08 AM (10 years ago)

 when GEJ is talking about building more universities he fails to realise that the more universities he builds, the more  unemployed graduates we would have. Times are hard, teenagers that are going through hard times cannot get reasonable jobs; like working as a cashier at a fast food joint (not the mama put kind but the Mr Biggs kind), instead they have to settle for hawking, bus conductors etc. and even when they cannot afford to go to the universities,they could go to trade schools but they still have to spend money for it. But in a lot of western countries they teach high school students trades and as soon as they graduate, they get certification for the trade. i live in the U.S and the high school that i attended was a vocational school where students were taught; carpentry, pottery, fashion design, cosmetology, medical assistant, auto mechanics, auto body works etc.  i ended up studying nursing for three years between classes during the day and as soon as i graduated i was able to get a job as medical assistant ( meaning that i check the patients blood pressure, help the doctors with paper work etc.) which is my main source of income now that i am in the university, i even have a friend who studied cosmetology, she doesn't have a job but she gets a lot of money doing peoples hair and makeup which is helping her keep body and soul together. I think that we need schools that teach secondary school students trades in Nigeria, do you all agree with me??

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