Prince Okojie And I Are Still Married, Mercy Johnson Is A Second Wife - Lovely

8 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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Earlier today, Prince Okojie presented the divorce papers that legally separates him from his first wife here:'s-his-man-husband-to-be-completes-divorce-with-his-ex/

Lovely Okojie has revealed the the divorce documents presented by Mercy Johnson and her husband to be this evening were fake, and she has never signed any divorce with her husband. She believes Mercy Johnson might be using some magical voodoo power to control her husband. She also wants to let Mercy Johnson know that she is just a second wife. See Naija girls fighting for a man in this 21st century!


Odi and I are divorced? (laughs). I never signed any divorce papers. No member of my family signed any divorce papers. In fact there was no court hearing on Tuesday August 23. There was a hearing last week Wednesday where my father, sister, and lawyer represented me, but the case was postponed to Monday August 22. My family members didn't show up on that day. So who signed the divorce papers? Also how can a court in Edo State divorce us when we got married in Italy? The only way Odi can divorce me is to go to the courts in Italy after a 3-year official separation or ask Italy to transfer the case to Nigeria, which I have told him to do, but he would rather bribe a court in Nigeria to dissolve the marriage, which is not legally binding. If we are truly divorced, tell him to produce the divorce certificate Is it not this same Odi who denied ever being married to me? Now all of a sudden we are divorced? The same Odi who said the photographs I sent to you were of him signing our child's birth certificate? Do you exchange rings at child birth certificate signing? (laughs) Linda, I can give you my lawyer's number, please call him and ask him if he signed any divorce papers or if he was in court on Tuesday. I'm still legally married to Prince Odi Okojie, I have not returned any bride price and if Mercy Johnson wants to marry him, let her go ahead. She should just know that she's a second wife. Odi and Mercy Johnson can deceive Nigerians but they can't deceive God.

This whole thing seems like a dream to me, I am beyond confused. I can't believe how a man can suddenly turn against his own family, his own children. I'm beginning to think Odi is not doing all this with clear eyes. Maybe I should pray for him.

-- abey02f (m) at 26-08-2011 12:29AM
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 ::)Who is lying here?
-- omolola2010 (f) at 26-08-2011 12:32AM
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-- ify0 (f) at 26-08-2011 12:36AM
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Is only God that knows the truth
-- HOPEA23 (f) at 26-08-2011 12:37AM
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poster what do you expect na..prince for that matter......anyway....good for dem

-- mediaexcell (m) at 26-08-2011 12:40AM
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 this triangular love is still getting messier;  Shocked ... MORE lies, confusions and contradictions coming from the three corners everyday... hmm!  Shocked
-- allbright (m) at 26-08-2011 12:51AM
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Wat does dis guy hv dat he is using to caloule m.j
-- tessyg (f) at 26-08-2011 12:55AM
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no be say the prince fine sef wey them dey fight over am.......yeye dey smell....i just cant figure out wetin mercy see in this guy sef...with all the better and cute single guys out there...with all her integrity na fairly use she choose to die she know sha...well i wish her all da best.
-- ebysco (f) at 26-08-2011 01:03AM
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I thought you said you are not stoping him but just that he should divorce you properly how come you did'nt show up wen you were called? scondly , he is to divorce in itally not Nigeria but you allowd your family members to represent you in Nigerian court. you are confuse but my advice for you is to move on with your life , it is not easy but try and forget about them afterall you have been blexed with a boy and a girl beside you are not living in the same country not to talk of the same house with them. BEHAVE LIKE SOMEONE WHO HAS GONE TO PLACES NOT A LOCAL WOMAN, STOP LISTINING TO PPLE COS THEY WILL ALWAYS LEED YOU ASTRAY AND THEN WATCH YOU fonble Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
-- reymondokeze (m) at 26-08-2011 01:26AM
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I think this Italian women should just get on with her life and live Prince alone, na by force to marry u.
-- LCASHMAN (m) at 26-08-2011 01:35AM
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-- reymondokeze (m) at 26-08-2011 01:38AM
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I am not a lawyer or a lier. I dont think u need to be present b4 a judge can divorce u and ur spouce, and divorce can be done in any other country and not where u got married. As long as it happened in a court of law presided over by a family court judge.
-- onyin (f) at 26-08-2011 01:40AM
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Marriage na by force.first wife,second wife or watever position.who cares about that?.woman move on with your life.
-- babyleslie (f) at 26-08-2011 01:51AM
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oh pleasssseee,,,,who r we to believe?? everyday na different story...anyways, saturday (D-DAY) is around d corner..let's wait & see what's gonna happen abi??
-- paulelezu (m) at 26-08-2011 02:11AM
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you woman who Clem  to love Mr Okojie if you love dey man where went you, for four year  now please go and  looking for your husband,
-- ceejay58 (m) at 26-08-2011 02:25AM
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This matter has gradually taken a different turn.. And i think am beginning to believe the woman.
But all the same, guess she should just let things be.  She should just 4get this guy and take whatever she could get as consolation from the ill fated r/ship and move on with her life.  I know it's hard and embarrassing to be publicly denied and rejected by someone whom u once had a great time of ur life with, but of what use or good is it to still cling to a wish that can never be?

But anyone close to Mercy should warn her to be wary of this wounded tigress ooo..... Lips Sealed
-- okwas (m) at 26-08-2011 02:32AM
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-- typicalman84 (m) at 26-08-2011 02:49AM
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All of you are in here blaming this woman and accusing her of not letting things go... Have you ever thought about the man letting this mercy of a girl go, go back to his family, make up and raise his kids with the help of the mother. What does a man who have tow beautiful children(a boy and a girl) want from another woman? If it is sex, the wife looks young, vibrant and beautiful and i am sure she will give it to him any how he wants it. Have you ever gotten yourself to advice mercy Johnson that a married man with two kids is a no go area. If mercy was a good person, she should be advising this lost Sheep to go back and make up with his family.... but i guess the level of desperation she's experiencing now won't let her make any wise, Godly and reasonable decision. There are too many young, better-looking and may I say more responsible single men out there. She can even chose for herself. Please folks, sit down and really think this over before pointing fingers. If you are a woman with two kids with a man and something like this happens to you, I am very sure you'll be doing the same thing. Besides i think this Village Prince of a guy needs to man up and be a MAN. Currently, he is being a honeypot and God help him if he is acting under the influence of some native concoction.

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