Olamide Shares His Most Embarrasing Moment In His Music Career

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Olamide just like anybody has this embarrassing moment that’s hard to forget. How he endured embarrassment before he became famous. You know, every expert was once a beginner. In an interview he had with E-24/7 reporter, Odu Black he talked about the embarassing moment, its quite funny though.

‘I will pick an incident that happened in the studio a few years back. I was in the studio when this senior act came in to record a song and he said he was hungry. Who else will he send to buy food if not me who was the youngest in the studio? The money he gave me was not enough for his meal so I decided to use my own money and pay. I even used my own money to pay for transportation.

When I got back to the studio with the food, guess what this guy said to me “Cabasa, tell this your boy to give me my change, if he wants money he should tell me and I will give him but he shouldn’t use trick and steal my money. I almost got angry, but one look from ID Cabasa calmed me down. Today, the guy is one of my biggest fans and he is planning to do a song with me.

The Coded tunes artist is currently a part-time student at Tai Solarin University claimed he’s been facing hard times in school. I hope he won’t drop out of school like Wizkid did. When asked about how he made his hit track, Eni Duro, the young talent said:

‘You know, whenever I am with ID Cabasa, it’s like magic; we make music real quick. So when he said to me I should get ready to put my first single out, I was like, I cannot wait. You know,
‘Eni Duro’ literarily means, I cannot wait. From talking about things I cannot wait to see happen in my career we came out with the track. I think the entire beats took ID Cabasa about 30 minutes to put together; it was real quick.’

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