Declaration of Libyan returnee: LIBYAN AT WAR BETTER THAN NIGERIA AT PEACE.

Date: 07-10-2011 4:40 am (11 years ago) | Author: Paddy Hayes
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- at 7-10-2011 04:40 AM (11 years ago)
‘East or west’ as the saying goes, ‘home is the best.’ However, this doesn’t seem to old water for this Nigerian who was forced home by the recent uprising in Libya.
“For my present situation and condition now, I prefer war-ravaged Libya to Nigeria. I am a welder by profession and as a welder in Libya, I was better off than being a welder in Nigeria.” These were the words of Adebayo Samuel Adesina, who was in the first batch of returnees from Libya in March this year after a six-year sojourn in the north African country.

Adesina, 41, told Daily Sun in a chat that he regretted coming back to Nigeria in the wake of the war in Libya because, according to him, despite the crisis in that country, life was by far better for him than in Nigeria where there is no war.
He said he came back to Nigeria out of fear of the war only for him to realise later that there are safer places in Libya where he could have remained to do his business or work, adding that there, both Muslims and Christians worship only on Fridays and everybody is friendly.

He further noted that he had also worked in a construction company but later picked up a job as a chief steward in a restaurant in Benghazi city where he earned 3, 500 Dinars, equivalent of N3, 500 daily, bringing his salary to N105, 000 a month.
But when he attempted to get a job in Nigeria, he was offered N6, 000 a month, insisting that it was grossly inadequate to cater for himself and his family.

Hear him: “Since I came back to Nigeria, I have not found a job to do yet. In fact, I feel like going back to Libya. I think I prefer life in Libya to Nigeria despite the crisis there. Yes! I prefer it because once I have my documents, I think there is nothing to fear. Even in a city like Sabha down south, there was not much problem there but I did not know on time; if I had known, I don’t think anything would have brought me back to this country.

“How I wish I could go back to Libya now. If I have money, I will still go back there; I prefer Libya. I prefer to go back. For my situation now, I prefer war-ravaged Libya to Nigeria. I am a welder by profession, and as a welder in Libya, I was better off than being a welder in Nigeria. Few days ago, I tried to get a welding job with a brewery company in Kaduna but I was surprised when they said they offered me N6, 000.00 per month. For God’s sake, what will I do with N6, 000.00 a month? I have a family to take care of so, what am I going to do with N6, 000.00. Paying a welder N6, 000.00, to a man, 41, married with a child?

“I am from Ogun State. I was among the first set of Nigerians that the Federal Government brought back from Libya in March this year. One of my friends that we simply call Kingsley went back to Libya recently and when I spoke with him on phone he told me that he was doing fine but when I later spoke with him another time, somebody else picked his phone and told me that the person I am calling was in prison for supporting former president Col. Gaddafi. I told the man, who picked the phone, that he was telling lies; no Nigerian is supporting Gaddafi. Probably my friend’s permit documents have expired. The people we heard, who are supporting Gaddafi are Chadians.

“The Federal Government did not give us money when we returned to Nigeria but we heard that the United Nations allocated some money to us. But other people from countries like Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Mali were given $400 by their respective governments as soon as they arrived home. But here in Nigeria, we were maltreated as soon as the officials heard that we were from Libya. Even ordinary water we did not get from Nigerian Government.”

“Apart from my friend, there are still other Nigerians in Libya who are doing well there without being molested. So why did they decide to molest and accuse my friend that just went back there recently of supporting Gaddafi. I don’t blame my friend for going back to that country because life is difficult in Nigeria, in fact, supposing I have enough money on me now, I would have gone back to Libya. I can’t just understand what is going on in Nigeria.

“I was living in Benghazi since 2005; I was working in a road construction company. I came back to Nigeria in 2008 when I was given my annual leave. I went back in 2009, and I decided to work in a restaurant, and to God be the glory, I was doing fine, until the war started. I have my resident permit. The owner of the restaurant did the resident permits for me.

“I was a chief steward in the restaurant where I was earning N105, 000.00 per month because my daily payment was 35 Dinars Libya currency. Its naira equivalent is N3, 500.00 daily. And those under me as their chief steward were being paid 25 Dinars, which is equivalent of N2, 500.00 daily. If it were in Nigeria, I would probably be earning N6, 000.00 or N16, 000.00 a month. You can see that the difference is clear between our country and Libya. I was actually better off working in a restaurant than in a construction company.

“If you are living in Libya as a foreigner, and your documents are genuine and complete, the people will accommodate you; their security is very good. As long as you are not there to do dubious things or to create problem, the people don’t have problem with you, they lead a normal life. No policeman will embarrass you.“There are churches in Libya, everybody is allowed to practise their own religion; you go to mosque as a Muslim, and you go to church as a Christian. But Christians are not allowed to worship on Sundays, only on Fridays like their Muslim counterparts. It is their law that everybody should worship God on Fridays irrespective of your religion. There is no work on Fridays; they don’t do any other things on Fridays; they go to the mosques, come back home and relax. The working days there are from Saturday to Thursday, and on Friday they rest.

“Some of us left there out of fear because the people of Benghazi were accusing the blacks that they were in support of Gaddafi, but when you flashed your documents, they would leave you alone. But those who did not have documents were the ones badly molested.“I landed at the Murtala Mohameed airport, Lagos whereas my friend landed at the Abuja airport. Others landed at the Kano airport. None of us got anything and that is so bad. This thing happened at a time many of us have spent money. And in Libya, there is no much money in January because many people have spent much money in December time, the way it happens to Christians, that is the way it happened to Muslims there.

“There is no Nigerian man that will take the risk of going to fight war in Libya because of $100. People are just saying what is not true. We only heard about some Chadians that collected 100 dollars to fight for Gaddafi. But I don’t think a Nigerian will risk his life to fight war in Libya for $100.”

via Daily Sun

Posted: at 7-10-2011 04:40 AM (11 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- sugaDaddy1forU at 7-10-2011 04:55 AM (11 years ago)
Nigeria government, i dnt know when they will start thinking about helping their citizens instead of themselves in the office.....

Posted: at 7-10-2011 04:55 AM (11 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- hosbert at 7-10-2011 09:30 PM (11 years ago)
They should go back to Libya then.
Posted: at 7-10-2011 09:30 PM (11 years ago) | Upcoming
- kebella at 7-10-2011 09:31 PM (11 years ago)
no comment

Posted: at 7-10-2011 09:31 PM (11 years ago) | Addicted Hero
- Tabia at 7-10-2011 10:38 PM (11 years ago)
I know the economy situation in Nigeria is bad, and the government is very corrupt BUT i think these people are very stupid to say that Libya is better at War than Nigeria at Peace. To me it simply means it is better to die than to go back home to your country and keep trying to make life better. As far as there is life, there is hope.They should have remained in libya and get the ugly treatment they were recieving
Posted: at 7-10-2011 10:38 PM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- ngeri1 at 7-10-2011 11:42 PM (11 years ago)
How is that insulting? That is actually a powerful statement and should prompt several to look at the condition of America and be compelled to actually do something about it.
Posted: at 7-10-2011 11:42 PM (11 years ago) | Upcoming
- 2earthquake at 7-10-2011 11:51 PM (11 years ago)
they are talking bushet, ,no place like home,no matter where i go in this world, naija is still number one for me,good or bad governments,that is not my business  
Posted: at 7-10-2011 11:51 PM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- slimxxx at 8-10-2011 12:39 AM (11 years ago)
Posted: at 8-10-2011 12:39 AM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- apprehended at 8-10-2011 01:20 AM (11 years ago)
Lols.. i no fit talk..
Posted: at 8-10-2011 01:20 AM (11 years ago) | Upcoming
- apprehended at 8-10-2011 01:21 AM (11 years ago)

lolz i fit laugh
Posted: at 8-10-2011 01:21 AM (11 years ago) | Upcoming
- eomo at 8-10-2011 01:48 AM (11 years ago)
The road is not close, you can return to libya asap.
Posted: at 8-10-2011 01:48 AM (11 years ago) | Upcoming
- eomo at 8-10-2011 01:51 AM (11 years ago)
Yes, our government is very bad but would you rather be killed in Libya? At least these people should be grateful that the government brought them back so they can be alive to try again when Libya cools down
Posted: at 8-10-2011 01:51 AM (11 years ago) | Upcoming
- Celestial1 at 8-10-2011 02:05 AM (11 years ago)
I am sure these are just the opinions of a few, why can't the reporters ever report on those returnees who are happy to be back home.  I don't care how much better they had it in Libya economically they were second classed dwellers in that land.  Better to be a first class citizen on your home turf no matter how much harder it is.  It's tough everywhere in the world, instead of complaining sit down and meditate and let the spirit lead you to see what void you can fill that will make you successful.  There are many voids waiting to be filled in Nigeria for the enterprising person who is willing to put in some work.   Too many are graduates of this and that University and waiting on a job to miraculously pop up in their field, sometimes you have to create your own opportunity, or take up a totally different area from what you were trained in and make a go of it.
Posted: at 8-10-2011 02:05 AM (11 years ago) | Upcoming
- babyleslie at 8-10-2011 02:28 AM (11 years ago)
 Grin Grin Grin Grin
Posted: at 8-10-2011 02:28 AM (11 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- foukidrem at 8-10-2011 02:33 AM (11 years ago)
how could this man be so ungratefull, untalented and bias. the man is so stupid for not been gratefull to nigerian govment who came for his rescue. he is so untalented, imagine after five years in libya been paid 105, 000 naira every month he could'nt raise 75, 000 naira for  his T.F back to libya, he is such a stupid lier, he has no work in libya or even if he does he is not paid up to 25, 000 naira a month. he is bias in his speaking, what is he looking for? work, 400doller, T.F, attention frm the govmnt? he is such a bias moron who doesnt know what he want..
Posted: at 8-10-2011 02:33 AM (11 years ago) | Upcoming
- evans-peters at 8-10-2011 03:28 AM (11 years ago)
I can't blame him so much, it is usually like that when you first arrive, he will soon get use to Nigeria. But, if you earn so much a month, what did u do with all that money? You forget to invest on something in your home town. Please next time make sure you invest or do something in our home town incase situations like this arises.
Posted: at 8-10-2011 03:28 AM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- lovarboysweetie at 8-10-2011 03:32 AM (11 years ago)
Let open our eyes wide good news don't sell newspapers and that's why most of what you hear everyday are bad news. Its one of the few bad ones that would sacrifice its life for a pot of hot porridge. It's a known fact that economy is bad and the event in Libya was unexpected but he should be happy to be home with his entire family if for nothing else......that's our problem as a Nigeria we never appreciate even the slightest gesture of kindness bestowed on us than to say..... what has she/he done that others can't do better. Here's one of the ingrates. How I wish he was the one that went back and whisked away maybe then he would be of different opinion.
Posted: at 8-10-2011 03:32 AM (11 years ago) | Upcoming
- shaoyang at 8-10-2011 03:36 AM (11 years ago)
The dude has nth to offer, his brain lacks creativity. Did he think Nigeria will change overnight just because he went to Libya? take ur sorrowful complain elsewhere dude
Posted: at 8-10-2011 03:36 AM (11 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- toibeli at 8-10-2011 03:49 AM (11 years ago)
In that case , take Danfo, Molue or even Okada back to Libya Angry Angry
Posted: at 8-10-2011 03:49 AM (11 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- JESUSISKING at 8-10-2011 04:01 AM (11 years ago)
  Am too surprise to hear this from OBJ son Huh?  The Oguns I knew will never drag their nation on the floor as  he did. Do you remember that if Libyan people did not appreciate their country no plan for all the said yousaw there and you will not like to be there.
I beg go do like baba Iyabo. I mean go  back to ya vilage make you go farm come see as you go regret say if you known you for don come back home tay tay. 
Posted: at 8-10-2011 04:01 AM (11 years ago) | Newbie
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