Why cant Nigerian be like USA (Page 2)

11 years ago by: Raymond Onwude
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-- nollylove (f) at 31-05-2009 12:56AM
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With the history of the US, why would any nation want to be like it? The founders virtually exterminated the people that were inhabiting the continent when they "discovered" it.  They then used humans as "tools" with their "peculiar institution" of slavery to build the nation. Now the people from the very continent they raped to build their nation are treated worst than any other people on this planet. Admirable? Enviable? Worthy of imitation?
-- ric12 (m) at 31-05-2009 07:19AM
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 Because we are cheaters.And not cheating other people alone but ourselves too. Until the day the national cake is viewed as public property and not for individuals like gida, oba, dangote dem yaraduaaaaaaaaaaa. What's up
-- buzzy (f) at 31-05-2009 09:34AM
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Dis still troubles ma mind every single day. Why!!!
no go find work......keep troubling ur mind thinking why
Grin Grin Grin he will end up contributing  to the why.
Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin my broda u guys re too funny and u re right,he will only end up been confused.
-- biamblinks (m) at 31-05-2009 01:46PM
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The difference is clear lol
-- 25_vivi (f) at 31-05-2009 08:19PM
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Naija si diffrent and can never be like the u.s. the government is filled with greed and conspirecy.

-- happy75 (f) at 31-05-2009 09:14PM
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b'cos we've wrong leaders, every one for his own pocket can never leave us.
-- ngfineface (f) at 31-08-2015 12:40PM
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We will be more than US by the time we get to their age
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