What do you think of Kabbala?

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[[[[Please if you are not well developed in your present Religion skip this thread. Your mentality is important.]]]]]]

I have read a little about Kabbala. As a person, I read religious books mostly for inspiration and for correction; but, never for entertainment.

Have read a little. From a logical standpoint, everybody has a right to do what ever he wants. From a logical standpoint every religion is right and wrong at the-same time. They obey the Grand Unified Theorem(also known as Gods Theorem). See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jsUh-A-4F8# . Please do not let the video distract you from the topic. Please do not let the video distract. Kabbala and Quantum Physics is a topic for another day.

I consider some religions as logical/scientific. That is they come at you with science in their early stages of mental demand. Though they all demand for some amount of faith at the end of the day though. See a mild list below.

The different variations of Buddhism,

I consider some religions as Instructive; such religions call for 'faith' right from the inception.  Islam requires a true belief in the Shahada and Christianity requires a true belief that Jesus is God. The components/premise for this beliefs necessary for acceptance into this religions are not in the normal parameter. Jesus and Mohammed are dead. God is invisible. See a short list below of some religions I consider instructive.


The logical explanation or rather premises for actions/events/ or rather nodes in Instructive religions may be lacking or missing. Like Abraham was instructed to sacrifice his only son and he didn't question it. He had faith.

Now what has all this got to do with my Interest in Kabala? I guess it has to do with my recent delving into a book by some Rabbi calling himself Michael Laitman titled 'Attaining The Worlds Beyond'. Kaballa claims it is what Abraham had. Kaballa claims that is is what Noah practiced/had. [[If you do download it and read it, don't hesitate to come talk about it here. It is my first book and Kaballa. I know it is a soft book on Kabballa. I know they are deeper mysteries in Kabbala.]]

Coming from a multi-religious background by way of extended family and society, I find it intriguing that Jewish scholars have books that tell different interpretations from the Koran or the Bible about the actions and nature of popular Koranic or Biblical characters. The meaning proposed in different Kaballa texts isn't trivial for it is likable and easily digested. However, it is mystical, for Kabbala has a book called the book of Creation. Kabalists believe that you can create things with the language God used to create things in the beginning.

Unlike traditional Religions where you have one book, Kaballa is scattered in different sefers(books). From the look of things it is mostly propelled by Rabbis. They say it has been under for centuries and now they feel it is the right time for it to be spread to the world.

I wonder.
This post is not intended to criticize and religion. This post is not with the intention to promulgate or prescribe Kabballa. This post is out of the urge to connect with people who are like me, who think truth is like the sun and depending on where we are at on earth, her size and intensity may be different. It is night right now, but it is day in some other part of the world.

I would very much love to have mature discussants who have respect for the opinion of others, who are healthily inquisitive, who are intelligent and most of all, who are humans contribute to this thread. See below for potential angles of analysis you may apply.

Kabbala relative to science.
Kabbala relative to African Traditional Religions[Do you think our black magicians in Africa are Kabalists?]
Kaballa relative to  your own Religion.
Kaballa relative to Judaism.
Can you practice your religion and Kabala at the-same time?

Thanks for your contributions.

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