The secret identities behind TB JOSHUA (WATCH)

Date: 18-11-2011 12:44 pm (10 years ago) | Author: Watch TB Joshua
- at 18-11-2011 12:44 PM (10 years ago)
With the advent of TB Joshua watch, a site, a lot of scoan supporters like me would be very much interested in those behind  this blog, yet it seems very unlikely that anyone would ever be able to uncover their secret identities because they seem to cover their tracks incredibly well, it was in the light of this that I undertook a quest  to unveil the mystery masked men behind TB Joshua watch, and with the evidences I have so far, I think I’ve nailed their  identity to the wall like a  poster, first my names are  Raphael Hall, and I was a very committed member in the SCOAN UK till I was almost misled by my evangelical church  pastors, and I have very good reason to believe that they are the main authors of TB Joshua watch.

The first lead that prompted my quest was a thought, the thought that it seems very unlikely that a normal conventional critic of TB Joshua would go to the trouble of having such a website where they would continually publish rhetoric articles against TB Joshua and SCOAN, even if they did, not with the maximum consistency and effort with which TB Joshua Watch do theirs that makes it seem as though they were jobless  and did no other thing with their time. Which sends a very clear signal; they must have been one time insiders of this ministry who now see having such a site as a vendetta for being shown the way out. Also the tone of their writings and comments show them to have very deep insight into the happenings in SCOAN, which points only in one direction, to the fact that they must have been one time disciples, it’s also not very far fetched that the major critics of TB Joshua in reality are those who were once front line members of his ministry, so with these assumptions I went to work.

First I had to play by their rules....


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