You dont need a lot of money to satisfy a woman who is truly in love......

8 years ago by: Akin Al-ameen
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Family plays a big role in every society, always give your family D first priority in life. Don't be a father be a DAD. Never bring any baby if you can't be present and active in their life. Your happiness and peace at old age may depend on it. Every woman wants happiness but what makes them happy is different.This hard to satisfy any woman but if U are not ready to do your best don't try the rest cause every woman in the world want the best. When the woman is happy the home is at peace. If she chooses U mean she needs you. if you cant be faithful to her don't propose to her. When she is truly in love she loves with all her life. You dont need a lot of money to satisfy a woman who is truly in love, but if U are not responsible and provide for her, any woman will remove respect from love and the man becomes ordinary with no regards. Providing for her needs with money is never enough. No matter how much money you spend on her, if she cant have your full attention its never enough. Her emotion determines her reactions. Be quick to forgive her mistakes but always remember to acknowledge her good deeds. GIVE A WOMAN THE BEST TREATMENT EVER IN HER LIFE AND NOTHING WILL MAKE HER LEAVE YOU AND IF SHE MISTAKENLY DOES SHE WILL LIVE TO REGRET LOOSING A MAN LIKE YOU FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.

** Akin Al-ameen **

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Hmmm..u r absolutely right buh i just hope u practice wat u preach. thanks 4 d post anyways.God bless u.
-- dirtykid (m) at 20-11-2011 07:40PM
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In respond to the subject of the post, Every relationship requires money to maintain it, I'm not talking abt been too rich like Dangote, no matter how much u gave her time and be there for her in order to make her happy, without money in yr pocket to provide for her smallest needs, You will definitely loose yr respect someday... for how long will she continue with that and how long will a woman wait for u to start providing for her needs nowadays  ??

-- divineproject (f) at 21-11-2011 10:54AM
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Spot on poster.

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gotta go get my pen and writing pad.....

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this makes sense,thanks dear poster