TB Joshua’s Critics- The darkness in a close Mind

Date: 21-11-2011 8:36 am (10 years ago) | Author: Watch TB Joshua
- at 21-11-2011 08:36 AM (10 years ago)
We are not ruling out the fact that SCOAN Critics sometimes raise genuine concerns about scoan, but going on about these doubts to try and convince others to form the same opinion as they have is just being pharisaical. A dangerous little catch phrase was given by their site administrator Ian, for SCOAN supporters to keep reading their rhetoric articles with an open mind, which in itself isn’t a problem if they themselves would stop clinging stubbornly to some mixture of unwarranted assumptions and sentiments. A closed mind in the context of this post is the attitude of TB Joshua’s critics impervious to ideas, arguments, facts and logic. The state of already having their minds made up and not ready to accept the possibility of being wrong.

These critics themselves have also falsely accused scoan supporters of having a dedication that would not countenance doubt or critique, and as a result the value-laden words they employ to enlighten these closed minded bunch are often rejected as merely showing off fanaticism. That is, those who would not believe their assumptions about SCOAN, it is at this point we strike a difference between a closed mind and being self assured. Whilst a closed mind is impervious to ideas, a self assured mind is an open mind because of confidence and surety, coupled by willingness to hear other’s point of view and not being threatened by them.  TB Joshua watch is definitely a far cry from this. Don’t agree? Well lets test them then, The test is whether they are prepared to sincerely hear arguments to the contrary and be open to changing their minds if they are strong enough and as expected, they inadvertently failed,  Perhaps we would at this point need to quote a few of their comments to prove this:

A quote from Ianmcaught, one of their site administrators reads:

  Ian says: PERMALINK

    July 20, 2011 at 10:23

    “…I should probably be up front with you and tell you that I can 100% guarantees you that nothing you say will change my mind on TB Joshua; if you think otherwise you are wasting your time.

Does anyone actually see the point in arguing with a guy like this?...

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Are you sure you aren't going a bit over the top with this business?
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