Patients Refusal of Medication on Faith Grounds - Is It TB Joshua’s Fault?

Date: 30-11-2011 1:20 pm (9 years ago) | Author: Watch TB Joshua
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The true nature of Satan according to the Bible is summed up in deception, the Bible refers to him as the Devil that deceives the world, and leads them astray Revelation 12:9. It's not actually easy to picture the very intelligent beings that inhabit the earth being largely deceived to their own doom by this spiritual entity, yet it’s the reality, the indications of this is that the deception he uses is clearly not an obvious one, for instance when he told eve they would not surely die, which was a lie, he did tell them that they shall become like gods knowing  good and evil which was true, what this implies is that he mixes lies with a bit of truth to deceive, a wise man once said that he tells us the truth in little things to deceive us in greater things, such deception is the tool employed by TB Joshua’s critics on TB Joshua watch to deceive and mislead the unsuspecting public, we here expose the disingenuous note they made connecting TB Joshua with the Death of Anna whom they alleged was a victim of TB Joshua’s  healing claims  in their story. As well as the lies they purported from the sky news report that the SCOAN asks people Aids victims to quit medication.

Firstly, It is pertinent to note that based on our findings about scoan, after prayer for recovery and healing the patients are made to go back for a thorough check with their doctor’s to find out whether they have been healed or otherwise. This has been the procedure and practice in SCOAN since its inception. Whilst The SCOAN believe in divine healing, they also make sure mandatory hospital checks are applied to find out the truth of healing. The question that comes to mind now is: If SCOAN were faking their healings and make bogus claims of them as these critics suggest, why would they install medical certification of healings as a standing process for patients who are ministered to? That would automatically give them away wouldn’t it? The method of verification they demand for in itself, attests to their genuineness, When the patient's symptoms are gone after and the doctors certify them as medically cured, they stop taking their medication on their own accord as they no longer find the use for it, not at all on the prophet's instruction. And If peradventure they got checked by their doctors and discovered that they weren’t healed they would resumed medical treatment immediately.  There would have been little or no time interval from the time of prayer and the resumption of medication…read more:

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