TB Joshua Watch: “Where Cynicism Rots The Bone”

Date: 06-12-2011 11:32 am (9 years ago) | Author: Watch TB Joshua
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When it comes to the issue of TB Joshua’s healing ministry there’s nothing that seems to be left unsaid, whether positive or negative, neither is there any name TB Joshua himself hasn’t been called, positive and negative alike, but opinion’s will stay opinions just as facts would stay facts. very recently several news outlets and blogs on the internet picked up on a story by sky news with which they disingenuously questioned TB Joshua’s healing claims, and made it seem very questionable, this wouldn’t be the first time though, barely a month ago, BBC did publish a similar news story, perhaps all in trying to uncover whatever failures there may be in TB  Joshua’s healing ministrations, both attempts were futile to say the very least, but that didn’t just stop the widespread criticisms, the issue was finally brought to a climax on a scoan critic site. Believe us when we say you have  never seen cynics like these, if you clearly notice the summary of the evidence destruction scheme they employ on TB Joshua watch you’ll notice that they’re not even ready to accept the possibility of being wrong, they placed enough barriers to the faith of many with their cynical tests of propaganda, trickery and the likes, and then whatever healings scaled through their test of propaganda, fake medical reports and stage management was finally swallowed up in attribution to the powers of principalities. Their precursors, the Pharisees in Jesus day were no different, when they referred to the Jesus miracles and healings as a product of a demonic entity by the name Beelzebub, It’s painstaking and annoying putting up with their kind of thinking, the bible speaks of the provocation of fools being much heavier, the problem with these people is evidently in the pattern of thinking in which their minds are formed, which at best is twisted, and worse still, demented. Their attribution to trickery, manipulation and deception of onlookers to fall for make-believe miracles is a cheap and disgusting attempt to suspend belief. To them there must be something hidden, stage-managed, concealed, and even in a live broadcast… And just as the evil one leads believers astray by first destroying whatever evidence they have for their faith, TB Joshua watch also attempt to make a mock of the happenings in the synagogue by first destroying any belief people might have in the unmistakable evidences, and if you care to know just how exactly have they done this, Here’s a quick summary:

•   By stating that Emmanuel TV is TB Joshua’s propaganda machine/channel where everything is cleverly edited to manipulate and deceive the viewers into believing in TB Joshua’s healing powers (they left out the live services here though, where editing of miracles or testimonies can’t possibly be an argument, not sure how those are manipulated in their  opinion, they would have done well to explain that)
•   By claiming that the medical reports gotten from hospitals in Nigeria are fraudulent since Nigeria ranks among the most corrupt countries in the world…  read more; http://wp.me/p1TCRk-6L

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- CammyWhite at 6-12-2011 12:34 PM (9 years ago)
With "Faith Healing" and "Miracle Healing" it's quite easy to be cynical and hard to convince. Few areas are more riddled with fraud, and since they deal with those desperate and without hope, it also calls for more vigilance and scrutiny.
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- jaykay123 at 14-12-2011 06:16 AM (9 years ago)
i tink wat we shld nt 4get is dat Jesus warned dat signs&wondas are nt d criteria 4 identifying the true relegion. Matt 24:24, 7:15-23. Look 4 beta marks like John 13:35, Matt 24:14, 28:19. Jesus specifcaly warned us to b carful of some pesons. Mat chap 23 & 24, 2thesselonian 2:9-10. Deut 1:1-4.
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