Christian Faith Healing; Can it be Lost once received?

Date: 07-12-2011 6:44 am (9 years ago) | Author: Watch TB Joshua
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This seems to be perhaps one of the most important questions a Christian could possibly ask because the state of their health in Christ Jesus could as well largely depend on it According to some dodgy theology, faith is only required to receive a miracle and not to maintain it, “True divine healing is complete and final they said” Now we must point out here that this is the height of satanic deception, we’re talking of here of the greatest deception devised by the devil that has been widely accepted by an unfortunate number of Christians today- this false doctrine of  “once healed; always healed’ or “once saved; always saved” this false doctrine/dodgy theology wrongly assumes that the moment a person is healed or saved, there’s nothing he/she could ever do, either by omission or commission to loose his/her healing or salvation, that is, even if the person in question goes on ahead to commit the grossest sins that led to the sickness in the first place, this false doctrine teaches that the person is still healed or saved. Brace up yourselves people and beware, because nothing could possibly be further from the truth of God’s eternal word. No doubt God definitely did promise to do his part of keeping us in perfect health and spiritual salvation till the very end, but this does not mean we have no part to play. TB Joshua watch stated that God’s healing is unconditional, which is true in the sense of us having to earn, work or pay for it,  but as a matter of fact, almost all of God’s promises stated in scripture are somewhat dependent in part on us for their fulfillment. Lets bring this down to common knowledge, take for instance a friend gives you a brand new car this Christmas which he bought with his hard-earned money and simply gave you the keys, telling you that its your Christmas present, hope you like it, have a nice ride, all you need to do at the moment is to take the keys and express gratitude. But then let me ask you, was the car a free gift to you, yes of course it was because you didn’t have to earn it or work for it, but then is it going to cost you anything to maintain the car? Of course it will, you’ll get to have to put gas, change oil whenever necessary, rev up the engines regularly if you aren’t going to use them for long, wax the car and so on, so yeah in the end the car is costly to keep but it was indeed free when you received it. Salvation, healing, and all of God’s blessings work in the same way…Read more:

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First off, there's the assumption that there is such a thing as faith healing.

Secondly, this reeks of a cop-out strategy as with most so-called miracles.
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