Dagger Men in SCOAN vs TB Joshua Watch; Who’s Worse Off?

Date: 10-12-2011 2:49 pm (9 years ago) | Author: Watch TB Joshua
- at 10-12-2011 02:49 PM (9 years ago)
During the past week a lot of news stories, blogs and outlets have picked up on  a story of how a man with a dagger attempted to attack TB Joshua on the Monday prayer line, but was arrested, delivered an handed over to the law enforcement officers, the internet is practically flooded with this story, and several more news outlets, blogs and forums are picking up on the story by the day, our major surprise on reading a lot of the reports on this story was basically because they were mostly exaggerated,  We also didn’t really bother with that story here at watch TB Joshua because as it stands, the issue is a closed one, what followed after the futile mission was salvation of this assassin’s soul, with resources to care for himself whilst living his new-found life in Christ, how much more of a threat does that pose to TB Joshua or SCOAN,  What we’re here to compare now is who’s actually worse off, comparing these dagger men with a killer intention to scoan and the Pharisee authors of TB Joshua watch, a scoan critic wordpress.com site.  Now it does seem strange at first comparing mere Pharisee bloggers with a supposed assassin or cold-blooded killer in scoan, what could be the relation between them, that we now even compare, who’s worse off?
Well, to help you understand where we’re coming from with this post, let’s take a quick flashback to the historical biblical epoch – the annals of the Pharisees long history of hatred toward Jesus. The scripture teaches that as a rule, the Jews had no right to execute anyone, besides everyone knows that the Pharisees didn’t exactly kill Jesus with their own hands… read more:

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- CammyWhite at 11-12-2011 12:22 AM (9 years ago)
Actually it was an axe, not a dagger, according to the thread on this very forum.

And the whole thing has the unmistakeable pong of a set-up.
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- CammyWhite at 11-12-2011 03:17 AM (9 years ago)
Something else... there's something wrong, to my mind, in how this thread and others seem to be explicitly comparing TB Joshua to Yeshuah Meshiach. I may not be a Christian, but I can see the problem here.
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