Ex Muslim: Wafa Sultan exposes Muhammad and Islam

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Many lives in the world today are not save and like hw it is....many (Billions) will not see the kingdom of God bcos of religion...The growth of all these false religion like the muslims and the rest are just too bad and the deciet in islam is alrming...Its heartbreaking that many muslims hear the truth and they dont allow the Holy spirit show them who Jesus really is:...Pls people Watch this video.....may God help us

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- Annana at 31-01-2012 07:21 PM (10 years ago)
If I may, I would like to comment, but please clear your thoughts too.
I am not a muslim 'scholar' and I have not finished reading the Quran nor read the interpretations but some I am familiar with and am able to relate to a number of the items posted as 'conflicting' derived from the Quran. A lot can be said about the video. One of them is, 'context'. The conflicts that are presented should be expressed in full context. Say, when you want to explain, 'how do a baloon burst'? Do you just say one word? Or state the many things that actually happened including the series of events that follows once a baloon is burst. And the behaviour of a baloon that burst may vary according to what bursts it; a sharp needle;  heat as in fire, or heat as in other forms. So, the question of how a baloon burst may seem conflicting when you try to say every one of the events that unfolds. I don't have time to explain one by one, but if you understand my gist, then you should be able to apply it to what's going on with that video. Like, the question, was pharaoh saved in the sea? The way I understood it is, he died and drowned, so his life was not saved, but, I remember reading, his soul was saved because in the last moment before he died, he repented and recognised God to be his creator. So he was 'saved'. That conflicts? You have to determine, what are you asking. Another is about how to treat a wife. A husband is asked to be kind and gentle, BUT if she misbehaves, he should first do one thing, then if she does not improve, graduate to another level of depriving her the usual expected things, such as company, then if she continually misbehave, a husband is allowed to beat her, but not in the inhumane manner.
Have you all heard about 'policy' / directives and 'procedures'? When salat was directed to be 5 times a day, its a policy. How to do it, well, its been derived from best examples, that's how hadiths comes in. What is wrong in that. Do you cook your eggs/ chicken or put on your shirt or bath one way only?Quran gives guidelines and revelations, if one chooses to see the good side of it, that's what one will find.  Good day and peace.
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