Nigeria's over-reliance on fossil fuel income

Date: 26-01-2009 6:49 pm (12 years ago) | Author: Delavega
- at 26-01-2009 06:49 PM (12 years ago)
My people,
The wind is slowly turning and we are not watching. In a few years, Nigeria would lose most if not all of her fossil oil clients due to several factors; global warming, environmental degradation, change in foreign countries reliance on fossil oils from Africa, new technology that permits sustainable power supply as well as less production of greenhouse gases.

President Barack Obama of the USA is seriously advocating for stronger fuel efficiency standards and so are many other leaders. Considering the economic crises, solutions being promulgated and jobs to be created from new policies, laws and technology.

Let us ask our leaders, what happens when we can't sell our crude oil, when there are no longer nations interested in buying fossil fuels? Over the years we have being very content with crude oil income and even with the huge income, Nigeria makes from the sale; we are yet to lift ourselves from the shackles of poverty.

Let us wake up and make hay while the sun shines. Lest we become like one of the nations with coal as their only mineral resource. Where are they now?

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