Is Unilag A School Or An Hotel?? (Page 6)

8 years ago by: moses terdue addingi
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dickman2 (m) at 13-03-2012 09:59AM
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Quote from: kingsleyeze on 13-03-2012 09:38AM
@terdue,fcuk u the poster,cos what will a responsible man be doing outside by that time,in case you dont know slots walk around the campus covering their faces with the name student but yet they are not one, that is my alpha mata,and i will not accept if you insult her so fcuk you  one more time and get busy with something reasonable, so you go there at reasonable time like in the mornin and you will see students and not sluts fool!!!!! Shocked you don't look as if you have ever gone to school b/4 fool.
bros take am easy easy,,he is just telling us the wonders he saw,, need of insuiting him ...we knows why he go there by that time ..
abiwuyi (m) at 13-03-2012 10:01AM
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Poster, you are preaching  what u are doing. See ur picture. Yeye boy

Zeinymeera (f) at 13-03-2012 10:03AM
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Uni brothel
Nonso85 (m) at 13-03-2012 10:05AM
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Militants....u go fear nah.
Enyinn (m) at 13-03-2012 10:10AM
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o boy see how girls dey hang Bosom  for up , chinekeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
dickman2 (m) at 13-03-2012 10:15AM
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Quote from: Enyinn on 13-03-2012 10:10AM
o boy see how girls dey hang Bosom  for up , chinekeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
na market nah....come and buy....with discount ooo..price don fall.. Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
kennynaija (m) at 13-03-2012 10:30AM
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Everyone is the architect of his/her own life, so if like, make them remove everything so that we can know they are BIG GIRLS!

smithshesky (m) at 13-03-2012 10:43AM
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mr (onyoko-meter) what are you doing there
by the time you visited the school
birds of the same feathers
Ciousman (m) at 13-03-2012 10:54AM
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Quote from: kingsleyeze on 13-03-2012 09:45AM
fcuk the poster
Wetin be ur own problem nah,abi im vex u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

denjism (m) at 13-03-2012 11:00AM
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Train up a child in d ways of d Lord & wen he grows up he shll nt depart 4rm it
Bettygirls (f) at 13-03-2012 11:01AM
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people have different reasons to go to school. while some are studying to graduate at the end?some do other odd things. it happens every where not only in Unilag
1daful (f) at 13-03-2012 11:02AM
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This our generation go suffer oooo.......Imagine wetin doctors, engineers, politicians, pastors & wife, accountancys, nurses and so on dey do.

fateewase (f) at 13-03-2012 11:03AM
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Well, this kinda things cannot be taken away from evry higer institution,unilag may have a higher rate but it happens in every school.
smithshesky (m) at 13-03-2012 11:16AM
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listen everybody that  is writing comment at this  naija pa please be cations
and know what you suppose to send at a given topic instead insulting tribes causing commotions, fighting
 one another lets look for sollution as a nigerians
otherwise i will ask for closure  automatically with my powers
vested upon me presi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,t


nwanertony (m) at 13-03-2012 11:34AM
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this is absolutly rubsh.
Agnex26 (f) at 13-03-2012 12:03PM
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Every school is a brothel and every brothel is a school. D babe wit d pick bra doesn't know her actual size.
nickyvil (m) at 13-03-2012 12:15PM
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we have diff focus..its a university..dis happens around d world
barryif (m) at 13-03-2012 12:15PM
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na so...
kp45 (m) at 13-03-2012 12:20PM
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Is dis what u saw
Neglito (m) at 13-03-2012 12:27PM
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Guys must n'azu ahia usu. It' a natural phenominum. Anywhere there are lots of girls, guys must flock there too.
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