Published On: March 27, 2012, 5:28 pm (8 years ago)
Author: xty
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Barely two weeks after a young lady identified as Faith Akin was allegedly raped to death by a middle aged man, a similar incident has been reported at the Epe Police Station.
According to the report, 29-year-old Titus Ime raped his in-law, a 19-year-old woman identified as Blessing John, to death.
The incident occurred in a forest at Epe. The suspect allegedly trailed Blessing to her father’s farm, where he raped her to death.
Ime, reporting the incident, said he assaulted Blessing due to her refusal to date him. The rapist cum murderer blamed his dastardly act on his “great love" for the deceased.
“I just moved to Lagos from Akwa -Ibom State to look for a job when I met Blessing. She is my in-law, as my uncle is married to her elder sister," he said.
"As soon as I set my eyes on her, I fell in love with her but I kept it to myself. When I could not bear it anymore, I went to her to declare my love for her but she turned me down. I kept pestering her but she refused blatantly that she did not love me; this made me angry.”
Ime added that despite Blessing’s refusal to date him, he had to device a means to force her to have sex with him.
“I did not intend to kill Blessing but my feeling for her was very strong. So after monitoring her movement for some time, I discovered that she goes to the farm to uproot cassava in the evening with her father. That day, I trailed her from her house to the forest. She was alone and she did not know I was following her, when she got into the dense forest and there was no one in sight, I ran ahead of her and grabbed her, and started declaring my love for her but she turned me down.
"I was very angry and I grabbed her dress. She started struggling with me but I took a big stick and hit her on her head, she slumped immediately and I bend down over her and removed her skirt and had sex with her. All this while, she did not respond but I still had sex with her a second time but I do not know that she was dead; I thought she was just unconscious.”
After committing the act, the suspect hid in the forest for four days. He however came out of his hiding when he could not bear the hunger any-more, and reported himself to his family who then handed him over to the police for prosecution.
Blessing’s corpse were discovered by her father and has been deposited at a public mortuary for autopsy, while the case has been transferred to the Homicide department at Panti, Yaba for further investigation.

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A.N.I.M.A.L.... I hate dis beast.... puaaaa....You will be jailed & u surly die there.... May God forbid dis Goat Angry Angry Angry Angry  RIP Blessing..
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TITUS IME raped a lady to the name TITUS IME sounds familiar religion wise....should I add religion sentiments to this post? Like religion sentiments were added to the post of THE THREE POLICEMEN IN KANO?
Is this post also a lie and has no source? Hahahahahhha,I laugh in greek.
Anyways the man should be punished accordingly, he deserved a severe punishment.
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His dick needs 2 b chopped off
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