Topic: Photo: A House With 17 Satelite Dishes (Read 923 times)
franel (7102)
Gistmaniac (m) | 1 year ago

«§» 31 December 2012

                    What is one house doing with so many dishes?

31 Dec 12, 03:41 AM
tokas24hrs (16)
Newbie (m) | 1 year ago

What is New there?. Low country Nigeria with Low sense this is the type of news you guys post here. Am unsubscribe my profile from Naijapal>gistmania.com. The house i live here in India has more than 45 different digital cables. My Videocond  DSTV has more than 4,000 channels and you guys are there posting rubbish here. Among those 17 cable you post its picture which one has even 500 updated channels that can be in function day and night comes rain or thunder.

Naija when will this your low brains will rise to maturity.  Boring stuff

31 Dec 12, 04:35 AM
tokas24hrs (16)
Newbie (m) | 1 year ago

Gistmania sucks since i  subscribe i never receive real news from these site or company i do not know. very soon i will disown Nig.

 Embarrassed Stop posting all this rubbish it is view in the whole world i beg

31 Dec 12, 04:39 AM
chicanorose (4766)
Gistmaniac (f) | 1 year ago

its nt a new thing. D building i live in has over forty satelite dishes

3 Jan 13, 06:34 PM
emejuru (21500)
Addicted Hero (m) | 1 year ago

them dey use am serve food ?

3 Jan 13, 06:46 PM
emejuru (21500)
Addicted Hero (m) | 1 year ago

 Shocked  Shocked  Grin

3 Jan 13, 06:48 PM
ExpertTbright (14998)
Hero (m) | 1 year ago

abeg who see joke? e be lıke he lost for hıa
Oya ketekete face front  Angry

3 Jan 13, 07:20 PM


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