Cruel Mum Beats Son To Death For Failing To Learn THE KORAN Off By Heart

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at 07:16 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
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A cruel mum who beat her son to death for failing to learn parts of the Koran by heart has been jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 17 years.

Sara Ege, 33, was convicted of murder after it was revealed she had burned the body of her seven-year-old boy Yaseen before trying to claim he had died in a house fire.

But a murder trial heard she treated little Yaseen like a “dog” and repeatedly beat him with a stick for failing to memorise religious texts quickly enough. Ege collapsed as the sentence was delivered at Cardiff Crown Court and had to be helped, trembling and sobbing, from the dock.

Passing sentence trial judge told Ege:

“What was your motive for acting as you did? I am satisfied that, on the day of his death, Yaseen was kept home from school so that he could dedicate himself to his (Koran) studies”.

“On that day Yaseen must have failed in some way because I am satisfied that it was that failure which was the trigger for the beating”.

“That is what you told the police in the course of your confession in July 2010 and I see no reason to doubt what you then said was true”.

Ege was found guilty of the murder of her son by a jury at Cardiff Crown Court last month

The schoolboy had suffered multiple injuries to his body and died in July 2010 from internal injuries caused by three months of punishing beatings.

His death was treated as a terrible tragedy in the aftermath of the blaze but it was quickly found he was dead before it started.

Ege accused husband Yousef Ege, 38, who stood trial with his wife, of being a violent bully who beat her and was their son's real killer. But he was cleared of causing or allowing his son’s death at home in Pontcanna, Cardiff, south Wales, by failing to act to prevent it.

Ege was found guilty both of murder and of a charge of perverting the course of justice.

jamepinto at 07:30 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
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how dis one take change our gvt? Grin well sorry
Noble12 at 07:36 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
(4931 | Gistmaniac) (m)
Na wah
Dubstainless at 07:44 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
(14 | Newbie) (m)
Too bad lah
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Baykas96 at 08:01 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
(29 | Newbie) (m)
 Cheesy yeye people make them carry go jor
KingPharoah at 08:14 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
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KORAN will always be associated with death & destruction, just imaging such a cruelty to 7-yr-old. Anyway, I can't blame Islamic faithfuls, rather prophet mohammed who molested Aisha when she was only nine & people still chose to be blind, phyuk.
winace at 08:18 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
(30610 | Addicted Hero) (f)
U see how stupid dis people are?? In d name of religion she killed her child. Can u imagine
ezchusa at 08:30 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
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Islam believe it or not is a religion of doom

toibeli at 08:34 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
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17 years is not enough , she should have been sentenced to death.
ajanni at 08:36 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
(96088 | Grande Master) (m)
too bad
jamesbondchick at 08:43 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
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Only in islam,blood suckers & vampires!

osamabinladin at 08:56 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
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still searching for appropriate word i will use for this woman
zoe61 at 08:56 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
(15298 | Hero) (f)
fetish ppl
Aniagain at 09:00 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
(1557 | Gistmaniac) (m)
That's de spirit of mohammed (violent). Ismael was wild, genesis chapter 26, mohammed was violent, defiled a 9 yrs old Aisha. Islam is evil

doneduella at 09:32 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
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heartless mother
dlimelite at 09:38 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
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These is so evil. Your own child. This young boy is no older than 5 or 6 yrs and youre tryna force him to memorize Koran. Younger children's memory is usually weaker than older children/ppl. It takes time &  patience with them. Most adults cant even recite most of their country's laws or bible texts and you want your lil son to spend his days memorizing Koran when he should be in school. Dont know why these muslims take it so seriously any way. Not like memorizing Koran will get the boy scholarship....  Roll Eyes Wickedness & Foolishness!!! Rest in peace innocent Lil angel.
Unikpearl at 09:50 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
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Mumu woman...
HOPEA23 at 10:10 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
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What do u expect from these people ajanni people?

jowole at 10:21 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
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well even if she die she is going to be given to a lovely. handsome and virgin man in heaven. hmmmmm i dey laugh ooooooo.
ajanni at 10:25 PM, 7/01/2013 (5 years ago)
(96088 | Grande Master) (m)
Quote from: jamesbondchick on 08:43 PM,  7/01/2013
Only in islam,blood suckers & vampires!

keep on searching  like bongos ikwe
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