Husband Divorce His Wife For Snoring Lead To Divorce?

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On 1st of May 2013 As we are Celebrating Workers day in Nigeria, Mr. Tom Hector, officially Divorce his Wife Mrs. Lilian Tom Hector for over Snoring while sleeping.

Snoring, and the consequent disruption of sleep for both partners, is a common occurrence that may have more of an impact on the marriage than most couples think. A new study suggests that snoring, in extreme cases, can lead to marital breakdown. The researchers, from the Sleep Disorders Center at Rush University Medical Center, are evaluating how a husband's sleep apnea impacts the wife's quality of sleep and the couple's marital satisfaction.

Male snoring is a common problem within marriages that needs more attention according to Rosalind Cartwright, of the Sleep Disorders Center. "Couples who struggle with sleep apnea have a high-divorce rate. Can we save marriages by treating sleep apnea? It's a question we hope to answer," she added.

Some of the results from the study make disconcerting reading. In one couple, the husband's snoring was arousing the wife out of sleep more than eight times an hour. Her sleep efficiency rating, which is the percentage of time she is actually sleeping during the night, was 73 percent. The average person's sleep efficiency is closer to 90 percent. The wife had tried ear plugs, earphones, and numerous other devices to try to sleep through the snoring. She eventually gave up and chose to sleep alone. "The strain on the marriage was evident. The couple was fighting all the time and the surveys revealed low satisfaction with the marriage, especially when it came to effective communication," explained Cartwright.

Cartwright said the husband then underwent treatment at home using continuous positive airway pressure. This non-invasive treatment prevents the upper airway from collapsing during sleep, allowing the lungs to function normally during sleep. After this, the wife's quality of life measure jumped dramatically, meaning the sleep apnea was no longer bothering her at all. Her sleepiness scale, which measures how tired she felt during the day, dropped to half its previous measurement and marital satisfaction scores doubled. "Our early results have been terrific," mused Cartwright. "It is beautiful to see couples getting along so much better.

Sleep apnea can occur in men and women of any age but is most prevalent in overweight, middle-aged men. The most common signs of sleep apnea are loud snoring, choking or gasping during sleep and sleepiness during the day. In addition to continuous positive airway pressure, other suggested treatments include losing weight, sleeping on your side instead of your back and avoidance of alcohol and tobacco. Another recent study found that learning to play the didgeridoo promoted better functioning of the upper airways and led to less snoring.

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